Update: There is a new version of the dish alignment calculator here.

Need to know what your compass bearings and alignment data are for your dish at your specific location? With the new alignment calculator you can obtain the azimuth, elevation and LNB skew for Sky Digital on Astra 2 for any location in the UK. All you need to do is to enter your postcode to obtain all the details on where to point your Sky satellite dish.

Azimuth is measured from the South and is positive westwards.
Elevation is measured from the horizontal and is positive upwards.
LNB skew is positive clockwise when facing the dish.

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  5. Roy Payne says:

    I have up to now had a great deal of frustration in aligning a mini dish and find the information and guide to doing this the answer to resolving this.

    However I do not properly understand the importance of skew angle of the LNB and would like see this element explained.

    I look forward to the forthcoming additions of elevation and skew angle being added to the site.

    I commend your efforts providing a clear and simple guide for the layman.

  6. Alan says:

    @Roy: The elevation and LNB skew calculators are now added to the new version of the calculator. I hope you find this useful. The skew angle of the LNB is very important and affects the signal quality. You should turn the LNB and watch the onscreen signal quality bar so that you find the best angle.

  7. Manuel says:

    I want to know how can I alignment and calculator the satellite in my country Cape verde, city Fogo Mosteiros. I need help thanks.

  8. jim neal says:

    i would like to know how to aline a dish 1000 to get 110 119 129 my zip is 37748

  9. Alan says:

    Jim, go to my other site http://www.dishpointer.com, enter your zip and then from the drop down box all the way at the bottom select the dish1000+.

  10. Harry Traverse says:

    Superb! Can I obtain similar data for Killarney,Tipparary and Wicklow in Ireland which is where I will be with my caravan in June?

  11. barry east says:

    hi do you know data for about 18k south of cherbourg france ta barry

  12. Nigel says:

    Other websites show LNB skew as .. clockwise = -ve (when in front of and facing the dish), which is opposite to your site. Which of you is correct ????

  13. saranjit says:

    i just want to know how big dish i need to pick the signal from insat4a satelite?

  14. Alan says:

    Saranjit: Go to dishpoiter.com, enter your address and then click on the satellites link underneath the map.

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  16. Can someone clarify? - MotorhomeFun says:

    […] Steve called the skew angle depends where you are .. check here http://www.uksatellitehelp.co.uk/200…r-sky-digital/ enter post code for result __________________ Jim George in the Sahara. Aires and Camping […]

  17. Freesat self installation says:

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  18. Deryck says:

    Do you have any alignment settings for Ramsey, Isle of Man ?

  19. satandpcguy says:

    Deryck : input your postcode in the main post, or go to dishpointer.com, locate your house, select the satellite you want (for UK TV Freesat, Sky etc you need AStra 2a,2b,2d,EB1 at 28.2 28.5 east)

  20. Neil Mc says:

    I have sky+ with quad LNB, dual recording sky box (Amstrad unfortunately).

    Been unsatisfied for months/years with some channels cutting out and having bad recordings (jumping picture, dropped sound, etc). So I decided enoughs enough and I’d try to realign the dish. Followed the dish alignment calcualtor and happy-ish with the signal quality (around 60-75%). All that I didn’t follow was the lnb skew….

    I tried to skew the LNB to the angle suggested by the alignment calculator but the signal strength and quality was lower than when it wasn’t skewed at all. Should I ignore the sky signal meter and skew it? Or should I let the signal strength and quality be the deciding factor?

    I am getting picture jumping on certain channels (one being sky sports new – 405) but channels such as BBC1 and Channel 4 are fine. Picture jumping/freezing/pixelation plus sound dropping gets worse on the affected channels when you record another channel.

    Not sure if I have a faulty LNB, disc drive/sky box?

    Tried all the usual troubleshooting on the sky box (option 4 – 0 – 1 enter in sky settings), plus removed DVD, DECT phone. And re-crimped F connectors and changed inputs on the quad LNB!

  21. satandpcguy says:

    Would think its an LNB issue, especially if the effect is more noticable when recording, when the LNB is using more than one ouput.

  22. Neil Mc says:

    Thanks for your opinion, satandpcguy.

    I am beginning to think this is an LNB issue the more I research on the internet.
    LNBs aren’t expensive so I think it’s worth risking buying a new one. At least I know I’ve tried!

  23. Neil Mc says:

    I changed the LNB at the weekend (Sky Quad LNB – made by Sharp).

    I have now got better signal strength and quality – 100% strenght, approx 85% quality.

    The channels I had the breaking up/freezing with appear OK but I do get the odd freeze still. It’s not as frequent or severe but still there and it’s annoying me.

    Any ideas?

    Maybe the power supply to the LNB is faulty?

    I doubt it can be the cabling as surely the intimitent freezing would be on all channels rather than the same specific ones?

  24. james killeen says:

    No signal

  25. Neil Mc says:


    I have managed to persuade SKY to supply a new HD box for free following all my complaints recently! Result. Unlike Sky to give anything away to existing customers!

    I am hoping this will end all the issues I’ve experienced. At the moment I can’t watch BBC interactive’s wimbledon streams for more than 5 mins without it losing the stream or crashing. I hear the hard disc whiring everytime this happens so I kind of think it’s to do with the box.

    But let’s wait and see…