We have converted our satellite setup calculator into an online-tool, which will calculate the azimuth, elevation and LNB tilt/skew for Sky digital based on your postcode. This will provide you with all the data you need to quickly setup or re-align your dish but if you want a standalone software there is a selection of freeware available, too.

smwlink satellite software A very good satellite dish data calculator is SMWLink. It calculates the azimuth, elevation, skew, gain, etc. It's free and might become useful when you don't have internet access to use the calculator on our site. There is even a PocketPC version of the software out now.

The dish data calculators usually don't take the magnetic variations (true North, true South) into account. These variations can be calculated using the free tool from Pangolin Comms.

In order to use any of the dish data or magnetic variation calculators, you need to know the longitude and latitude of your position. For UK locations, you can obtain them from www.streetmap.co.uk, and for almost any other location in the world from www.heavens-above.com.

5 Responses to “Free Satellite Software”

  1. Roy Payne says:

    Mapping observation. I recently used this map site to find the location of a place using the postcode only
    i.e. ox25 1pz this site directed me several miles away(Upper Heyford) from the actual place.( Bicester)

    I then used Multimap in the same way and this directed me to the correct location.

    Both mapping systems use Tele Atlas 2007. I don’t know why this should be but when I added Palmer Road on this site it gave me the correct location.

  2. Alan says:

    Google takes only the first part of the postcode into account when searching for a place, e.g. ox25, the rest is disregarded. This is due to licensing issues between Google and Royal Mail.

  3. ian cradock says:

    found this web site very useful. it has cleared up a load of questions. I have however a couple you may or mery not be able to answer. Can i get the FTV card if i live overseas and do you know of a way of combining two LNBs for two different satelittes, ie Astra 19.2 and Sky 28.2 on one dish or is it better to use two different dishes. Perhaps you know of somewhere i can get a mechanical means of moving a dish that does not cost the world



    Help in answering these questions would be greatly appreciated

  4. Alan says:

    They won’t send the card overseas so you need to buy either a second hand card or get someone in the UK to buy the card for you.
    Combining two LNBs is easy, all you need is a multi-switch which you place near the dish. Then you have one cable from your receiver all the way to the multi-switch and then two cables to either LNB. If it’s only those two satellites you want to receive, then a multi-switch with one dish and two lnbs is the best option. If you want more satellites, you could get a motor – I’m quite happy with mine which is a Moteck SG2100.
    Hope this helps.

  5. Andy says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on the free software, this is something I was looking for myself, so was a welcome find!

    I also have a web site that specialises in only ‘selected’ free software, so it will end up listed there too if I like it – cheers!