Satellite Calculator ImageFinally, there is an update to the Sky/Freesat alignment calculator which helped you so far installing or setting up your satellite dish. Not only can you now enter your address, postcode, city or geocode for any location on earth but you can also choose the satellite you wish to point to, making this version of the satellite alignment calculator a global tool (you can now use it in e.g. Spain, France, USA to find Hotbird, Astra 1, DirecTV etc.)

But the coolest thing is that it will show you on a close-up satellite image on which wall to fix your satellite dish and where to point it! Just try it out!

For the UK, only the first part of the postcode is considered, the second part disregarded. So don’t be suprised when the marker is a few miles away from your home. But you can click and drag the marker.


International location: e.g. streetname, postcode, geocode:

Your Location Satellite Data Dish Setup Data
LNB Skew:

Elevation is measured from the horizon upwards. If it gives a negative value then the satellite is below the horizon, i.e. it’s physically not possible to receive that satellite.
Azimuth is positive clockwise and measured from True North. If (and only when) using a compass, you will need to adjust the azimuth by the magnetic variation for your location.
LNB skew is positve anti-clockwise when facing the dish and is a theoretical value, in practice it may differ (e.g. for Sky UK add 7.5°).

I’ve tested the virtual satellite image alignment on a few real installations and must say that the accuracy is amazing.

Here’s how to use it:
Choose a satellite (default is Sky UK), enter your location and hit go. If it has found your location correctly, zoom in closer and then switch to the satellite map view. Then click and drag the icon where you want to install your dish. The blue line will show you the direction in which you need to point the dish.

You will need a fast internet connection such as T1, ADSL, cable broadband or satellite broadband as the tool downloads about 1MB of satellite images. I’d recommend a minimum download speed of 1Mbps. If you don’t have broadband and are on a dial-up, you can still use the old calculator.

Update 21.08.07: I’ve added the elevation and LNB skew calculation results just underneath the map. These are calculated and displayed in real time as soon as you move the marker or change the satellite. The old calculator should be really obsolete now.

Update 05.09.07: Within two weeks, the calculator has been used about 40,000 times making this one of the fastest growing satellite tools ever. That’s why I decided to place the calculator on a single, separate site called The calculator will be available on both sites with the same versions (I’m going to keep only up-to-date) but I believe the site will be more suitable for non-UK visitors. There will be also various language versions of this tool on the site, so if you feel you could help me out with translating a few lines of text into any language, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you don’t speak another language but still want to contribute, then please spread the word, buy from the partner-shops or make a small donation (see paypal button on the right – remember, calling a Sky installer to re-align a dish costs £70, and no amount is too small to be donated here).

Update: Latest version with many new features on

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    Align a satellite dish with Google Maps…

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  4. Tony P. says:

    Is there any way you could add the Echostar6,7, & 8 satellites to your locator. I think it is a very useful tool and would appreciate it.

  5. Alan says:

    @Tony P.: They are already in the list. EchoStar 6 and 8 are at 110W, and EchoStar 7 is at 119W.

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  7. Ryan says:

    Is there an offline version of this as it would be useful to set up sat when remote (e.g. camping)
    Thanks. Great tool

  8. Alan says:

    @Ryan: No, unfortunately not. The satellite images and the maps are coming directly from Google; I reckon the offline-version would be several gigabytes of data.

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  10. Anthony Ippolito says:

    Could this be modified to provide point to point pointing info. For example for homebrew wireless fun?


  11. Gary says:

    Brilliant. Set up a new SL65 kit with no problem at all. Realised the original location I had planned for the dish was directly in the path of next doors roof so was able to locate in new position without wasting time and effort (and too many holes in the wall etc.).
    Do you know of a similar calculator for terrestrial transmitters. I live in west Lancashire and want to use freeview to pick up some welsh channels that are not yet on freesat, as the distance is great the alignment will be critical.

    Great tool for dish alignment. Thanks again.

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  13. Alan says:

    @Anthony: Sure it could be done, maybe in a new application.

    @Gary: Thank you for your kind comment. I’m not aware of any calculator for terrestrial transmitters but it sounds like a good idea…just need the location of the transmitters and then it could be easily done.

  14. Lipwah Louie says:

    I am unable to locate the Dish Network sat #’s 119 & 110

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  17. Gundu Thadiyan says:

    A lot of us here in North America try to get 2 satellites with 1 dish. Is there a way to do 2 birds?


  18. Greg Smith says:

    I press go and nothing happens. Possible Safari incompatibility?

  19. cliff says:

    there Is a terrestrial transmitter location tool, unfortunately its only for the US .. it seems to work pretty well just enter zip code then move the map to you location… the reception calculation are spot on for my location … oh yay. 3 channels =(

  20. Alan says:

    @Greg Smith: Does Google Maps ( work for you? If not, you need to enable Javascript in Safari and then my calculator should work too.

  21. Alan says:

    @Lipwah Louie: The two satellites work for me. You mean you can’t get your location to show up? Then try entering your city and country alone and then zoom to your location.

  22. Alan says:

    @Gundu Thadiyan: When trying to get two satellites with one dish, you would usually align the dish to the weaker satellite and then adjust the second LNB to receive the stronger satellite. So, the calculator will also work for two satellites, you just need to know which one will be your primary satellite.

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  24. Greg Smith says: work fine. It’s weird. The Go button has no effect at all.

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  26. Peter McMullen says:

    Very nice BUT in Perth, Western Australia selecting 64.2E satalite the line is draw in correct dir NW but labelled wrong as Az 112o not the correct 282o (ie 180 deg out in writing but line shown correctly). Think you have a hemisphere ono bug. Else well done.


  27. Dave says:

    Could you add Radiosat 1, 2, 3 for Sirius Satellite Radio. The Sirius satellite listed is for a Swedish satellite company and the settings are invalid for the US.

  28. Alan says:

    @Peter McMullen: Thanks for letting me know of this bug, you’re absolutely right! I’ll fix it as soon as I get round to it.

  29. Alan says:

    @Dave: Radiosat 1, 2, 3 are non-geostationary satellites which orbit North and Southamerica in an eliptical shape. That system also works completely different than normal broadcasting satellites as they use terrestrial repeaters. Therefore, they can’t be and shouldn’t be listed here.

  30. Peter McMullen says:

    Thanks for the speedy reply Alan. Look forward to it. Cheers

  31. Alan says:

    @Peter McMullen: Just fixed it. Everything should display and read ok now. Thanks again.

  32. Peter McMullen says:

    “Works” but does give a -ve Azimuth angle. Not wrong, but an “if smaller than 0 then +360″ line may be wanted to put it in the range 0 to Az to 360
    Well done for fixing it.

    Your Location Satellite Data Dish Setup Data
    Latitude: -31.865°
    Longitude: 115.928° Name: 64.2E Intelsat 906
    Distance: 39187km Elevation: 23.8°
    Azimuth: -67.4°
    LNB skew: -51.6°

    p.s. Did you know the using the “less than symbol” in the message kills the message from that point forward.

  33. Robert says:

    I would like receive czech channels from Astra 3A (Northern Ireland – Newcastle, BT33 0BE) What is size dish I have to buy? Thank you Robert

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  36. smokeonit says:

    in safari on mac nothing happens!

    it works in firefox on mac though… but having to switch s*cks…

    must be a bug!

  37. Justin Moran says:

    This is spectacular! I just found out why I couldnt get a signal whilst on holiday! As I suspected too many damn trees! Oh well, just have to choose a different location next year! Brilliant tool and I expect I’ll use it for months to come!

  38. Gary says:

    Just got back from short break. Thanks for your response regarding terrestial transmiter alignment.
    The transmitters I was particularly interested in was Moel-Y-Park in the Wirral at OS Grid Ref SJ 123 701 (GPS: 53.2207,-3.31496) and Winter Hill in Lancashire at OS Grid Ref SD 660 144 (GPS: 53.625,-2.51554).
    Are you able to help.

  39. Alan says:

    Thanks to the help of smokeonit and Greg Smith, the calculator now works on the Safari browser, too. There was a small bug which I couldn’t get rid of without their help as I didn’t have Safari (now I do as they pointed out that it’s available on Windows too) or don’t have a mac. Thanks, guys!

  40. Alan says:

    @Gary: It’s actually quite easy to do. Can you email me your email address and I’ll put something up for you sometime this week. My email is all the way below.

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  42. Bruce (USA) says:


    What a great tool for RV’ers. Thank you so much for your work, this is truly the type of thing an open internet was ment to be used for.

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  44. Larry says:

    Is the azimuth calculated from true north, or is it adjusted for magnetic north?

  45. Alan says:

    The azimuth is calculated from True North. Should you want to use a compass in order to verify the blue line you will need to add or substract the magnetic variation for your location. You don’t need to do that if you are not using a compass, the blue line is correct as it is.

  46. Kevin says:

    Hi, I am trying to find Atlantic bird 3 5w, I have a 57cm dish but can’t find it.
    I have been using a Lacuna mk4 sa meter. Do I need a larger dish?.
    Great website btw

  47. Gary says:

    Alan, thanks for your reply again on 4th Sept. re terrestial transmitters. Can’t find your email address ‘all the way below’ as you say, or even anywhere on the page. My email address is in the ‘E-mail’ text box of this form – can you not access this?


  48. Alan says:

    Gary, I’ve just sent you an email with a link to a tool showing you the transmitter lines. Hope it helps.

  49. Ashraf says:

    Recently One chanel of Bangladesh named “EKUSHEY TV” changed their tech data. We the UN peacekeepers from Liberia(GBARNGA) earlier cud see it by PAS 10. New Tech Data: Telstar10, Freq:3.787 MHz, Symb Rate: 4600, FEC:2/3.Pol:H, Earlier Data: Sat-PAS 10/c, 4.164,4600,2/3,H. On ground we faced our DIsh on 100 deg East, Pol: V and could recieve the channel. What we should do now to get the channel with new data? Please tell about Dish angle, LNB angle and other requied details.

    * Is it possible to get “Eurobird1 satelite” footprint from Liberia by which we can watch two Bangladeshi Channel “Channel I” and “ATN BANGLA” ? If possible what are the suggested reciever we should use?
    Thank you.

  50. Jeff says:

    Very nice tool. Used it to do site survey work for a possible new office. We do a lot of VSAT testing and we needed to make sure we had LOS to the birds we use.


  51. Bal says:

    Does this show the size of dish needed?

    I have a spare 80cm and am trying to work out what Satellites I can pick up e.g 33e, 23.5e, etc?


  52. Alan says:

    @Bal: You’ll be able to do that on I’ll probably finish off the dishsize feature this coming weekend.

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  55. Richard says:

    Hello, I’m about to buy the Sky Freesat dish and was wondering if someone would know whether we can get the Spanish and Catalan satellite channels with it.

    I’m a real novice at this and advice would be most appreciated.


  56. Alan says:

    Do you have any particular spanish channels on mind? Go to, enter your address and then click on the satellites tab underneath the map to see what satellites you can receive and what dish size is required. Then choose the satellite from the drop down box and click on the channels tab. You can see all the available channels there and whether they are encrypted or not.

  57. Henry says:

    Hi Can you also add the new international satellite that is going to replace 121w, I believe it is 118.75W. I know its only a few degrees off 119W, and they sell LNBs that will work for both sats but it would be nice to know. That would be great. Thanks.

  58. GL says:

    Is the function of moving the pin still active? I was able to move it before, but can not move it now

  59. Ajish says:

    Hello there

    I am from Ireland.

    I want to get satellite channels from following satellite and then want to tune it into INSAT 2E APR1.

    Intelsat Satellite at 83 degrees East (APR-1)

    Would you please advise me the size of dish which are needed? Is 90cm dish quite enough? Please advise


  60. Khronos says:

    This is the best satellite pointing tool I’ve ever used!

    The DirecTV 5 LNB option is amazing.. but would really like to see this setup: 82, 91, 101, 110, and 119 (that’s ExpressVU 1/2, DirecTV in the middle, and Dishnet 1/2).

    btw, where did you get your formulas from?

  61. Alan says:

    It’s not possible to receive a satellite located at 83 East in Ireland, not even with a 30m dish.

  62. russmadd says:

    Can anyone tell me where to get footy channels from Plesae!!!!

  63. megha says:

    may i try to dowlond files

  64. david kerr says:

    is it possable to pick up uk sky,s sat astra in iraq, basrah, if so what size of dish would i need and can i use my sky digi box from my uk home.

    many thanks

    dave kerr

  65. Julian Puma says:

    Hi Alan
    This is an awesome dish pointing software. I had to do a site survey in downtown Boston,MA and this was a great help. You are one smart person to come up with this. Thanks

    Julian Puma

  66. Alan says:

    Basrah is certainly outside the official footprints. With a very very big dish (several meters) it *might* be possible but no guarantee on that. Should it work, then you could use your existing digibox. Best is to ask people who are already down there. Would be great if you let us know if you find out.


  67. Alan says:


    Many thanks for your kind words, much appreciated.

  68. Fred says:

    Post code for my address seems to be incorrect. It shows a location 3 miles North.

  69. Alan says:

    UK postcode search is done for the first 3 letters only.

  70. anjodipe says:

    Great website, and great communication.TY Keep up the good work.

  71. anjodipe says:

    The compass direction for DN in Barrie ON are.

  72. Bandula says:

    Its a fantastic tool to find the bird, which took hours to find the direction from un familier places.

  73. ray bird says:

    I have a 90cm offset dish that I wish to receive tv finland on thor 2 3. Do i need to obtain the subscription-smart card to sort the conax encryption before i can align the dish correctly, or should i be able to receive some unencrypted channels first? I am new to this and have been trying to locate the correct satellite without much luck. Could the dish be too small?

  74. Alan says:

    You should be able to receive the unencrypted channels. You can get an indication of the dish size on Just click on the channels tab underneath the map after you’ve selected the Thor satellite.

  75. John Hyndman says:

    Forgive me for being ignorant or technically minded, but I’ve just used your Satelitte Dish Alignment tool and it has come back with the figures: -

    What does this mean ?
    What does d and h refers to ?



  76. Andrew Dodds says:

    The Satellite Dish Alignment Calculator did not locate the area covered by my post code. EH48 3DU

  77. Alan says:

    d is the distance to an obstacle and h the maximum height the obstacle can be without interfering with the signal (measured from the base of the dish). You can click and drag the obstacle marker.

    Andrew: Only the first part of the postcode is considered, i.e. EH48 will put you on the same spot.

  78. steve says:

    great tool alan, how do i set up a h to h mount for maximum coverage ,just bought a fortech passion (for HD) and a motor , i have an 80cm dish i am south facing but have buildings in close proximity on my west , un opposed views east, but live in a conservation area ! , is it poss to run a long length of co-ax (180 ft) and mount dish on the floor at the bottom of the garden , would their be too much loss of signal for such a long run? , this is my first system.
    kind regards,


  79. Tony Cooper says:

    Wondered if you are able to answer a question for me. On my way into work I pass quite a big satellite dish on the front of house which appears to be pointing downwards by quite a few degrees. The others in the same row of houses are all pointing fairly well upwards.
    Is there a logical explanation for this?
    Tony Cooper

  80. Alan says:

    Most dishes are offset dishes where the LNB is not diretly at the center of the dish a bit closer to the bottom. That means that the dish itself can’t point directly at the satellite (only when the LNB would be in the middle like with prime focus dishes). The offset angle is usually around 26 degrees. So, say, the elevation for a particular satellite is 26 degrees then the dish would be actually horizontal. If the elevation is 10 degrees then the dish would be pointing downwards by 16 degrees.
    Hope this clarifies it a bit. So, I guess your neighbour doesn’t point his dish at the same satellite as all the others.

  81. maher says:

    Good day
    Can someone help me please??
    I need to know how to align one dish to receive a signal from two satellites, all I know that you need to install a second LNB, but I am not sure about the alignment and other procedure, any help will be appreciated

  82. Brian says:

    I want to install my dish myself and I think I got every information I need.
    I only don’t understand what LNB skew value is for? What do I do with it?
    Can you please explain?

    Thank you

  83. Ray says:

    Brian, the LNB screw is used to set the angle at which the LNB is facing the dish..

    More help via Astra’s Installation Assistance, for your location can be found here :

    Use the Longitude and Latitude values from this site.

    Hope this helps,

  84. Ian says:

    Hi, i have just purchased a Goodmans GFSAT200HD receiver and connected it to a sky dish that was here on the property when we moved in.
    i can only get 50 of the 80 available stations, and no radio stations and a intermitent ITV1 signal.
    I would like to confirm the allignment of my dish and LMB for the Astra 2 sattelite.
    Your setup pages indicate looking for a ID 0002 to confirm correct sattelite lock however i am not using a sky receiver and the ID’s are either Network ID or Transport ID and the signal strength is only displayed during the very first setup of the receiver, after the first channel scan i can only get signal strenght and quality for the channel i am watching and Network and transport ID.
    can i confirm from this information that i am looking at the corect sattelite??

    Thanks Ian

  85. Mike says:

    Hello, I am thinking of getting a portable dish (40cm I think) like the ones they have in Aldi for 60 pounds, for when I go camping. Would I be able to get decent reception with this system around the north west?

  86. Tony says:

    Following my question on April 28th and Alan’s informative answer, I have still to see another satellite dish pointing downwards in the way that this one does. This dish is quite a larger than most domestic ones.

    All of the other dishes are pointing upwards or just sligtly upwards. Does this mean the the dish is pointing at a different satellite to all the other dishes. If so, which satellite is it likely to be pointing to.

    This is central UK location.

  87. Michael says:

    Hi there…

    Excellent website, by the way.

    I shall be based in Bath UK for most of the summer. I will be living in a rented ground floor flat, which, if were mine I would be able to mount a dish for my beloved sky plus as there is a clear line of site by virtue of it being on a crescent and high up on a hill.

    The question is – is there a portable dish that I could buy for this?

    Also what portable sat dish tool finder would you recommend.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

  88. Reza Falahat says:

    I am living in Edinburgh, UK and I want to use Hotbird sattelite but I cant find exact Vertically and Horizontally angels.
    Would you please help me?

  89. anand says:

    with the help of uksatellitehelp i have fixed my dish correctly for insat 4b but im not getting the quality of signal, in my star track receiver im getting 0% always. strength of signal is good. what shall i do, please help me

  90. Andy Simpson says:

    Hi there, hoping you can help! Going on hoilday to South Western France (Moillets Plage) soon. Which are the three Satelites which form the footprint for this area? so I can receive Sky and the Freeview channels from the UK.
    Many Thanks Andy

  91. Ali says:

    Hi people !
    I live in a small apartment and cannot fix the dish to wall, is there any small indoor dish available in the market?


  92. Alan says:

    @Andy: Not sure what you mean but in order to get Sky and FreeSAT (not Freeview that’s terrestrial), you would be still pointing at a single satellite: Astra at 28.2 East.

    @Ali: There are new type of dishes out, flat panels like selfsat ( Maybe you can hang that one outside the window. You could try it behind glass but if it’s double-glazing you can almost forget it.

  93. Ivan says:

    where can I buy from a satellite dish in Northern Ireland?

  94. kieran says:

    To the guy (and anyone else) who lives in north west england and is looking at buying the aldi 40cm system (or equivalent with small dish)…it works perfectly!I live in a village surrounded by farm buildings, mountains and I can honestly say I get perfect reception with the aldi dish.
    The dish is sat on the shed roof and picks up all Turksat, Astra (19.2 + 28), Hispasat and Hellasat satellites. Serious bargain and a complete doddle to set up…so to all naysayers who say “turksat needs a 80-90cm dish in the north”….ermmmm no it doesn’t, the aldi dish does the job perfectly, even in rainy weather.

  95. kieran says:

    Ivan, what channels do you wanna pick up over there in northern ireland?You can always pick up a cheap digibox + sat off ebay. Failing that you could wait until Lidl does one of their bargain sat specials, or buy a cheap portable sat system off maplin, they have some good stuff on their online shop.

  96. Alan says:

    @Kieran: Thanks for the info. ShowTV and ATV always used to be a problem on Turksat – can you get these two channels with the 40cm dish?

    @Ivan: Many places to buy a dish, Aldi and Lidl have been suggested by Kieran. Would also check ebay and the local sat installer.

  97. kieran says:

    Cheers Alan, I’vefound atv, reception is slightly patchy (as in not brilliant) and showTv is a non-starter!I eat some of my words but as a newbie to this I’m amazed what I can pick up.We’ve just had torrential rain and storms and could still recieve TRT 1-4, Hayat, Berat and quite a few other channels.
    I would agree with you on the ebay site, you can pick up a dish for less than 20 quid and a bog standard digibox for about the same and set up a system…that will be my next job!

  98. help setting up dish - Digital World says:

    [...] need to calculate iit from your exact position, put your exact position into a calculator like – Satellite Dish Alignment / Setup Calculator 2.0 But looking at someone elses Sky disk will give you a good idea where you should be [...]

  99. Kelv says:

    Hi I need to find a tripod to move my motor gear away from the wall to get rotation with my 90cm dish.

    Do you now of a good source?.

    Many thanks


  100. help setting up dish - Digital World says:

    [...] need to calculate it from your exact position, put your exact position into a calculator like – Satellite Dish Alignment / Setup Calculator 2.0 But looking at someone elses Sky disk will give you a good idea where you should be pointing [...]

  101. Tariq says:

    i have my dish on a apartment building..getting 91.0W Nimiq 1
    & 82.0W..TRYING TO GET 119w…how far off am i from that ?
    can’t seem to get the Alignment right…Thx

  102. Alan says:

    Tariq: Take the difference in azimuth. That’s by how much you need to rotate the dish around it’s vertical axis (on you wrist watch, 3 o’clock is 90 °, 1 o’clock 30 ° – so don’t over do it). Also take the difference in elevation – that’s how much you need to move the dish up or down.

  103. Tariq says:

    Thx..for the reply ..Alan
    but from what i heard..i can’t get 119w signal ..where i live
    which is EDMONTON ,ALBERTA….
    does anyone know if thats true ?????????

  104. ZEDO says:

    WHAT DOES IT MEAN Hellas Sat 2 at 39° East &how can i addjust my dish

  105. beti says:

    How i know the elevation&the direction of the satellite?

  106. google map/satellite bird finder misc & Q`s - Austech says:

    [...] bird finder misc & Q`s hi, i have use the great feature of google bird finder thingo, – Satellite Dish Alignment / Setup Calculator 2.0 now the questions….. does the start point of the blue beam line that shows height and distance [...]

  107. Rahim says:

    i ‘ve been searching badr 4-6 at 26 e for 5 days. but i couldn’t able to fine that.
    Can u pleaze tell Is it easy to recieve badr 26e and Eurobird 1 & Astra 2A-2B-2C-2D at 28_2°E – from pakistan?
    many thanks

  108. ANTONY says:

    Hello any one please help me set up 119 dish satelite with all frequienc would apprecita your kind help

  109. Alan says:

    I don’t think you can easily receive Astra 2, certainly not Astra 2D in Pakistan. Badr should be a bit easier but you would need a large dish – best is to find someone local who can receive these satellites and then use the same dish size.

  110. Alan says:

    Anthony: I don’t have the frequencies for 119W but try

  111. Rob V says:

    I’d like to be able to watch FTA some BBC, ITV etc. However, I work in South of France and my flat faces West by North ( about 280 degrees.) with no chance of fitting a dish facing South or East. Is there any other sat I can pick up out there? Otherwise have to arrange roof mount which is a PAIN in France!

  112. Noob Guide to Dish Alignment (fixed) - Austech says:

    [...] tool on the internet useful in finding the magic numbers needed to setup the dish alignment. Satellite Alignment Calculator Using Google Maps To use this calculator, you simply click the satellite drop down menu, select the satellite you [...]

  113. Alan says:

    Rob: No, there is no other way. You need a clear line of sight to the satellite, which in your case is south, south-east.

  114. Linda Rayworth says:

    I need to realign my satellite dish here in France in order to set up a free to view French system running off the Astra satellite. Do you have a sat finder product that will do the job for me? How easy is it to use, how much does it cost, do you ship to France? I am on email but we do not yet have broadband (or ADSL as it is known in France) in our village.

    Thanks for your speedy response

    Linda Rayworth

  115. Alan says:

    Linda: I don’t sell these things but Astra 19.2E is quite strong in France. If you can receive Sky already then you need to move your dish a little bit to west (right if you stand behind the dish and a tiny bit up…do this very slowly and you should be fine. But make sure that you put the receiver and a Astra transponder first ( What sort of receiver do you have – a sky digibox is no good when it comes to receiving other satellites.

  116. Kris Ven says:

    Hi Alan,
    Could you tell me if i would be able to get Insat 4A at Edinburgh?
    On the calculator, it is pointing towards 83.0 E

  117. lee cummings says:

    can i use old sky dish as satallite phone? getting free calls?
    current dish allignment poor as cant get any channels atall now and when did theyd go down in bad weather
    can i only get free sky channels as useing sky box or can i get other channels through that box by changeing allignment

  118. Alan says:

    Lee: No, no satellite phone. Yes, free channels from sky and other satellites but a sky digibox is no good for other satellites as entering new channels is a pain.

  119. Kieran says:

    Well thought I’d post a short update on the Aldi 40cm satellite system, which has been up since early Summer. As I said before, it was pretty easy to put upand it seems relatively easy to change transponder frequencies and create new channels.So far on my little dish I’ve picked up quite a lot of Turksat 42E, Astra 19E, Astra 28E, Sirius 5E, and 5w. Not a sniff of 16E, although I’ve heard it’s not an easy one to pick up.Couple of downsides to the Aldi dish, although I am really happy with it…this would probably apply to the Lidl and Maplin suitcase sized sat system too.
    If you buy one, ensure it is in a sheltered place away from gales.Also if you keep it wall mounted, tighten the whole system up as much as possible as winds will loosen the mountings easily and lose your signal. Oh, and mine has started to go rusty!Apart from that it is a great little toy, and picks up some good stations.

  120. Satellite Dish Alignment Map - Digital Kaos says:

    [...] Satellite Dish Alignment Map Just looking around and found this. Sorry if its been posted before. Just pop in your postcode and which sat you want. – Satellite Dish Alignment / Setup Calculator 2.0 [...]

  121. Astra Sat Direction - says:

    [...] Astra Sat Direction Enter your postcode here – Satellite Dish Alignment / Setup Calculator 2.0 This uses google earth maps any you can zoom right in on your house to get an exact line to Astra2 [...]

  122. Sky Dish And Planning Permission - Page 2 | hilpers says:

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  123. gwyn jones says:

    any of us know if we can palce a dish in a house loft… cheers gwyn

  124. Sky sun outage today | hilpers says:

    [...] the correct moment you make sure the shadow of the LNB is symmetrically placed (L/ R) on the dish.…calculator-v2/ [...]

  125. Satellite Dish Alignment / Setup Calculator - MotorhomeFun says:

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  126. Big multi setup. - says:

    [...] slightly east of south so provided you are not north off and close to a cliff you should be OK – Satellite Dish Alignment / Setup Calculator 2.0 Also have a look round to see if neighbours have sky minidishes __________________ [...]

  127. Installing your own Freesat satellite dish and save says:

    [...] at the moment which cost

  128. Satellite alignment. Got Astra 1 but want Astra 2 | hilpers says:

    [...] non standard and the setting angle was wrong. The two links below may help with basic alignment…calculator-v2/…g_the_dish.php [...]

  129. Manu says:

    Hi, I want to receive ecuadorian tv, does anyone know what should I do? There’s a dish (1m) in in the house and i need to re align it. What coordinates should I use? What satellite can I pick ie intelsat 805?

  130. ingo says:

    Lots of the files from the Megaupload system at the global web are available for downloading at without registration!

  131. Schotel uitrichten | hilpers says:

    [...] kan > hem met google ook niet vinden. > > Dr

  132. please help maxview 80cm crank up - MotorhomeFun says:

    [...] its default ia astra) and the direction will be shown on google map Will work for your reigion Click here [...]

  133. Frank says:

    Hi Alan,
    Many thanks for a brilliant tool.
    Some time ago someone asked if you could use it offline for camping and you pointed out that they could not, but if they know where they are going, they could print or save the result and then it’s not too difficult to work out the direction even if they are not in the exact spot.
    Thanks again
    Best regards

  134. neil says:

    hi alan what a great tool you have.but can you tell me what size dish i need for swedish satellite and is it thor or sirius? many thanks neil

  135. Frank says:

    I am living in Australia, in NSW state, in Sydney, Igot every thing to see FTV but I haven’t signal in my satelite reciver I need help please

  136. mohammed says:

    hello there,
    would you please be able to help me with this small probleme
    i’d like to watch the uk chanels like bbcs, itvs, chanel4 etc..
    i live in algeria in oran to be precise.
    i’ve heard about astra sat?!!
    please get back to me on my email above
    thank you for your help.
    best regards

  137. neil says:

    hi could you please help i want to recieve swedish satellite in the uk from sirius but when i try to set it up for some reason i only get one polarity im using an 80 cm dish.and so obviously only recieving half the channels

  138. Sky box says:

    [...] broadcast on 28 e so you need to get the dish aligned to that, copy and paste this link – Satellite Dish Alignment / Setup Calculator 2.0 It should [...]

  139. Diane says:

    Hi, we have just moved from London to Johannesburg and are desperate to access Sky TV channels, is it all possible? Any advice would be much appreciated.

  140. Digisat+ - Page 2 says:

    [...] try this link for alignment help – Satellite Dish Alignment / Setup Calculator 2.0 [...]

  141. Diablo Cam Underworld Files - Page 12 says:

    [...] Also try this dish alignment site, just in case your dish may need re-aligned. – Satellite Dish Alignment / Setup Calculator 2.0 [...]

  142. Satellite Blogg says:

    [...] – Satellite Dish Alignment / Setup … [...]

  143. can't lock onto any satellites - Austech says:

    [...] Data Elevation:50.5

  144. Hampshire in the UK says:

    [...] – Satellite Dish Alignment / Setup … [...]

  145. Nse says:

    Hi, I have oroblem alligning my dish to nilesat. I live in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The dish is the 1.8m type. I need help

  146. dm500s help - Austech says:

    [...] hope that if I can pick up optus C1, I'll install it on the roof. using a sat finder along with – Satellite Dish Alignment / Setup Calculator 2.0 and a compass I have hit the position right on the head ( I think.) I have a DM500s, the LNB is [...]

  147. Help! - ojibway says:

    Hi, I’m trying to tune in to Astra 28.2E. I see on the calculator that it’s exactly the same as Sky. I connected to a quad LNB on the Sky dish, ran an extra cable to sat box and zero result. Any suggestions, please?

  148. Mary says:

    Hi. I am moving to Dallas Tx soon, I tried the dish pointer to get the coordinates of the BSkyB satellite. Is it really possible to receive a signal in Dallas off the astra 2 satellite?

    Coordinates Dallas Tx,
    Azimuth (true): 249.1°
    Azimuth (magn.): 244.7°
    LNB skew: -44.2°

    If so, what size dish is required to receive the above coordinates?

  149. suero says:

    hi i am her in Philippines and i have a dream satellite dish and my receiver is humax ir-free and i have lnbf i buy this Humax and Lnbf in Saudi Arabia my Q:? is it well work dream dish and humax ir-free receiver and lnbf her in my country? pls……………. help me pls……

  150. Easy says:

    Great! Sitting in Japan with my laptop without the Satmaster Pro… This website beats anything. BIG thank you.

  151. Miryam says:

    Cool, now I have at least a vague idea how to direct my dish. Thanx

  152. Portable Satellite Dish says:

    Hello Allan,

    Thank you for update Sky/Freesat alignment calculator. Very appreciate this!

  153. Anil says:

    Hello Allan, Its a great website and thanks for that. I have one question, i live in liverpool,uk and wanted to get the satellite NSS 6 which is 95E to get the indian dish tv, when checked my location the dish setup data coming up as
    Azimuth (true): 263.6°
    Azimuth (magn.): 266.7°
    LNB skew: -36.3°
    So, is there anyway for me to connect to this even with a use of big dish. coz i have seen on top you saying, if its negative elevation its not possible to connect. If not are there any other satellites which will broadcast indian channels, if you know of any, Thank you.

  154. Any Sky engineers / experts in the house? - MBClub UK Forums says:

    [...] settings for your location using google maps -read the instructions carefully how to use it.. – Satellite Dish Alignment / Setup Calculator 2.0 __________________ Cheers Graeme E220 COUPE auto 96 Last of the Ol [...]

  155. Brian says:

    Hello, I work on a yacht. Usually we use 13E where we pick up movie channels, sky sports etc, our boxes were purchased in Italy and we have Italian sky cards. However I have tried 28E and the sky boxes will not pick up any channels, I cannot even get into the different menus and cannot rx even freeview channels. Our normal recievers can pick up channels no problem eg ITV etc so I know I have a good signal. Does anyone know if it is possible to use these sky boxes on 28E, if so how?
    Many Thanks,

  156. Medyum says:

    Some time ago, I really needed to buy a house for my organization but I did not earn enough cash and could not order anything. Thank God my mother proposed to get the home loans from reliable creditors. Hence, I acted that and used to be happy with my sba loan.

  157. Mark says:

    Wasted several hours trying to align a cheap dish from Maplin. Eventually gave up and in desperation trawled the internet for info. Came across this site and spent 5 mins visually aligning the dish as per instructions with elevation set near vertical (as advised by a previous post). To my amazement got 90% signal strength without even putting a meter on! Fine tuned and all sorted within 15 min. OK some luck I dare say but certainly an invaluable tool. Many thanks.

  158. Jim Dixon says:

    I have great difficulty in finding a station on my manual 85cm Sky Dish, it is mounted on the roof of a 9m Frankia. There is a Sat Finder DSF80 for sale at £178.95. Would this be the best solution for my problem, or is there something better? In 5 years I have only been able to watch 3 hours of television. I do’nt even bother to try any longer.
    Yours interested,
    Jim Dixon

  159. satandpcguy says:

    What channels are you trying to see?
    Are you pointing the dish at the correct satellite for the chanels you want?
    A saffinder like the oneyou say is more of ainstallers / frequency users meter – is it really worth it? you can get “beeper” units for much less – about £10.
    Have you checked the LNB?
    Have you check the cable connections?

  160. Bez says:

    I need help and advice
    I bought a 110 cm dish with two twin LNB. now I have a great difficulty to assemble it and connect them to my TVs with free sat
    Any boy can help or any web site

  161. juan k says:

    hi i’ve installed my dish in london pointing to hotbird which i get quite well but for some reason dont get signal for the austrian/german/swiss channles I used to get, i get instead mostly Dutch channels, with very clear reception . After blind scan, the same thing
    any ideas?

  162. Alan says:

    I think you hit 23.5E

  163. satandpcguy says:

    juan – are you sure you are on Hotbird and not Astra? Or are the channel you want on Astra and not hotbird?

  164. advice on how to align my dish says:

    [...] this link start at 1w __________________ TM 5400 ci+ 90cm dish [...]

  165. Ian Gadgetwidget says:

    New to the satelite game. Wife and I purchased the Tevion satelite kit as a starter, not wanting to splash out a small forune and not willing to fork out my dosh to Sky.

    Also growing tired of the continual problems we have with the freeview digital broadcasting down here which despite being the first region in the UK to go digital and switch off the analogue transmissions the signal is poor, poor,poor.
    This is despite being in direct line of sight to the Redruth transmitter mast with no obstacles between our antenna and the mast.

    So what do I get with the satelite kit? A well written beginers guide to setting uo the dish and together with I have so far found it impossible to get anything greater than 33% quality on the signal from the Astra 28.2 A satelite.

    I wouldn’t mind if there were any obstacles in the line of sight alignment of the dish but it eludes me. To make matters worse and frustrating to the point of smashing the dammn thing to bits is that when on top my ladder one looks from behind my dish across the flattest land there is in Cornwall out to Goonhilly Earth Station just three miles away. Does that place ring any bells with anyone for any reason? Yes bleeding satelite receiving station on y doorstep and I get didly squat. So what am I doing wrong?

  166. satandpcguy says:

    Not all receivers perform the same (Think Ferrari vs Skoda!)
    Some receivers may show 100% signal, other may show lower.
    So saying you are only getting 33% means nothing to many people, unless there is someone close to you with the exact same system as you.
    Its all down to the sensitivity of the tuner inside the receiver.
    Also make sure the skew of the LNB is correct and accurate, this is important and may help.
    And amke sure your cabling is good the connections are done well.
    It may be easier to see what channels are you getting, or not getting?
    Are you getting all the main UK channels?

  167. Edwin says:

    Hi there. I live here in Ireland but has a vacation house in the Philippines. I wander if the 1 meter satellite dish with astra and hotbird(dual) LNB with humax receiver that can be purchased in Maplin here in Ireland will work in the PHilippines. please help. Thanks…

  168. satandpcguy says:

    I dont think ANY satellite dish you can buy will allow reception of astra and hotbird in the phillipines – as the satellites footprints are aimed towards europe, and not the phillipines. And even then the phillipines are in the southern hemisphere and half way around the world, then due to the earths curvature you may not be able to even see the satellites.
    If you did, them perhaps you would be looking at a 10m dish! There is a story online about a German man living in Brazil, who, with his home made 8m dish just about gets the astra analogue channels, and the digital channels are just coming through!

  169. edwin says:

    satandpcguy: thanks for your help. I went to lyingsat which says that Philippines is covered with HOTBIRD 6 satellite as that european satellite is close to asia. I went to Maplin electronics store here in Ireland but they only sell HOTBIRD. I wander if where can i possibly buy that LNB monoblock with HOTBIRD 6 coverage. Please hel.. thanks

  170. satandpcguy says:

    From Lyngsat, hotbird 6 signal footprint only covers Europe and not asia.
    Although the satellite may be “close” to aisia along the equator where it is in orbit, its signal will depend on where its “beams” are pointing, in this case Europe.

  171. edwin says:

    satanpcguy:thanks for that… I actually heard from a fellow who purchased a tv dish in Saudi Arabia with receiver connected with hotbird 6 satellite, he brought it to the Philippines and it worked as he said. He received thausand of european channels so, I was thinking, if I can buy that tv dish with hotbird 6 here in europe, I’m sure it should work but as you said there, europe only sells tv LNB’s that only covers europe.

  172. satandpcguy says:

    According to all the maps (both officail and unofficial recption reports), hotbird 6′s footprint does not reach India, so it definately will not reach Philippines, and it only just covers most of Saudi Arabia (some 1.8 and 2,4m dishes report sporadic reception), and Hotbird 6 carries 618 channels, of which 400 are FTA, and so I have no idea how your friend is getting “thausand of european channels” via Hotbird 6 in the Philippines. So unfortunatley I cannot help you any more, but would certainly like to hear more about what size dish your friend is using.

  173. edwin says:

    satandpcguy: thanks for the info. I was convinced with what you’ve been saying there however, if that will be the case. I would be better off buying an FTA dish, LNB and a receiver in America. I saw in lyngsat and with their website that intersat(american satellite covers western countries) and that satellite for sure has an asian footprint since Philippines is just beside Hawaii in America, what would you think?.. thanks

  174. satandpcguy says:

    Depends which of the many satellites you mean. and satellites have different beams that can point in different directions – so the channels you think you will get may be on a beam you cannot receive

  175. J Quirk says:

    Can you advise me if another person is allowed to link up to my satellite dish from their home if they do not have a dish themselves.
    Many thanks

  176. satandpcguy says:

    J Quirk: Why not, as long as they have your permission to do so.
    I have heard of some Sky installers in the UK hooking up to a neighbours dish withut permission!

  177. edwin says:

    Hi satanduy. I bought a tv satellite dish with receiver from maplin here in Dublin. I installed it but the LNB broked so I went to buy another dual LNB from maplin with a brand name called NIKKAI. I was able to get almost a thausand channels around the world but no english channels. I’ve got ASTRA 2A, B and C but those aren’t english channels, all are arabic, french, Italian, spanish etch. I wanted to get the UK channel but nothing comingup into my receiver. I’m sure I got the right satellite but din’t work for english channels. I wander perhaps it is because of the LNB that I’ve got is not linked to english channels.. I do appreciate much if you can help me with this. Thanks

  178. satandpcguy says:

    If you are getting “almost a thausand channels around the world but no english channels” then you are actually on either Astra 1 at 18 east or Hotbird at 132 east – ie you are on the wrong satellite!

    Just because there are channels loaded on the receiver under Astra 2a,2b,2c, this does not mean you are on those satellites – especially as 2c has not been in that location for a few years now! The receiver is just loading the channels intot he receiver list you asked it to.

    You need to move the dish (from looking behind) to the left and down a bit!
    Use or the tool at the top of this page for more help.

  179. edwin says:

    satandpcguy: I bought a NIKKAI motor and attached it to my Forstar 60mm dish and had it installed. Itwas perfectly working alright.. I ‘ve got 6 different satellites as my motor moves to different directions but still I can’t get ASTRA 2 that covers english broadcasts. When I tried tracking astra 2, my receiver keep on restarting. any chance you could help me with this?.. Thanks

  180. satandpcguy says:

    Like I said before, if you have got “foreign” channels on the channel lists for “Astra 2a,2b,2d” then your receiver is not set up correctly, or your dish is not finding the satellite correctly.
    The channels you currently have on “Astra 2a,2b,2d” sound like they are channels actually from “Astra 1″.
    So set up the frequency12207 on your rec4iverm and manually move the dish eastwards by 9 degrees and then the UK 12207 hsould kick in, then scan 12207, and hopefully you will see Sky News. Save that position, then Scan all the frequencies on Astra 2 and then you should get all UK channels.
    If your dish / motor is always picking up the wrong satellites, then they both may need to be reset.

  181. ouafi says:

    i m looking for a box or receiver which can work for foreign channals ASTRA or HOTBIRD without satelette dish if it,s possible

  182. satandpcguy says:

    I do not think you can get the Astra or Hotbird satellite channels from the satellites without a satellite dish, as you must have a dish to physically receive the signals!
    The only other way is to find an online stream of them…somewhere….

  183. Blonde says:

    Please could you tell me the name of the free sat satilite and why is it that i can get a signal strenght is abot 80 % But no quality! Thanks

  184. satandpcguy says:

    The same four satellites are used by Sky and Fresat receivers for UK TV.
    There are no seperate “freesat satellites” or “sky satellites”
    Neither Freesat or Sky own the satellites.
    The channels themselves rent space / frequencies from the satellites owners.
    The 4 satellites are Astra 2a, Astra 2b, Astra 2d and Eurobird 1.
    Located at 28.2 to 28.5 degrees east of south.

    As for 80% strength and no quality could be a number of things: dish is not on the right satellite for the measurement screen, LNB skew is not good, poor cableing, poor LNB, poor connections, bad receiver, the signal is measuing a defunct frequency, weather conditins are hampering reception of that particular frequency…to help more, i would need to have an idea of your location, dish size, receiver, which satellite you are trying to get, etc

  185. chaib says:

    could u plse tell if there is freesat receiver HD without a dish to receive channels of hotbird and astra.if so what is the best receiver.or it is a must to have dish to receive the worldwide channels

  186. satandpcguy says:

    chaib: You MUST have a satellite dish to receive channels from Astra1 or Hotbird – you cannot receive satellite TV channels direct from the satellite without a satellite dish!
    A Freesat receiver may work, but it may be better to get a “generic” HD receiver – there are many, Ariva, Technomate, Golden Interstars.

    The Freesat Humax HD receiver is a standard Humax HD receiver, with “bespoke” Freesat software.

  187. Dan says:

    hi.. my daughter gave me sa set of sat dish, 3 LNB’s, 3 recievers which were all purchased in Saudi Arabia. I tried to install them in Manila Philippines following all instructions from None of them worked. Are LNB’s and recievers regional or country-wise only? By the way, 2 of the recievers are DANSAT and the other is GIGAMAX, all made in China. H E L P !!!!!

  188. satandpcguy says:

    Dan: A dish is a dish and should receive the signals.
    I suppose there could be an issue if you do not have the correct LNB for the signals you area tying to receive…Ku Band or C Band.
    Obviously you will only be able to receive signal from the satellites that service the area. As this is a UK SAtellite help site, you WILL NOT get the UK TV channels down their in Manilla, as the UK TV satellite footprints will not reach there (which satellite are you trying to get – perhaps check on for the frequencies)

  189. Dan says:

    thanks for the fast reply…my LNB does not have any spec as to it being for a C or Ku band. The label contains only the brand, the I/P of 10.7 – 12.75Ghz; O>P> is 950 – 2150Mhz. And it is a universal single LNB TS-11HD made for Tokyosat Korea. I was trying to recieve any of the following: Koreasat3 at 116E, Koreasat 5 at 113E, Telstar 18 at138E, and Agila 2 at 146E.
    My coordinates are lat.14.614 and long. 121.001E
    May I add that the complete set of dish, LNB, and reciever were perfectly working when they were still being used in Saudi Arabia ( wish the info could help)

  190. satandpcguy says:

    Well if everything was working OK before then you will need to check the obvious: are the cables connected well, are you actually aligning the dish to the correct satellites that you want? And are the satellites you want actually receieveable on your size satellite dish in your location? Easy mistakes to make.

  191. Get free-to-air HD Satellite TV for under £100 « DIY Media Home says:

    [...] correct satellite cluster. There is a very helpful satellite dish alignment calculator provided at UK Satellite Help CT100, diy, freesat, hd, [...]

  192. donald kirkbride says:

    Just checked the satellite dish alignment map for setting up a satellite dish and according to the satellite picture the dish has to be installed in the middle of the road outside my house
    total nonesense all satellite dishes on neighbours houses are pointing towards the relay transmitter at south road cupar
    my post code is ky15 5en house number 1 if anyone want to check the satellite picture for me and explain why it shows the dish being sited where it says to site it in the photo
    iam trying to do a self install so any help would be much appreciated

  193. Gary David says:

    This is the greatest Web site for RV people!! If we’re going to the boondocks, I just get the settings before we go, otherwise just do the wi-fi thing when we get there and get the settings. People are amazed when I put up my portable antenna and I’m within a couple of points on the first shot. I also have the roof mounted King-Dome system and with that all I do is rotate to the numbers from your site and there I am!
    For other RV’ers, I keep a log of the numbers for each place we stop so if we stop there again, or are even close, we’re good to go!
    Thank you!!!!!

  194. john webster says:

    brilliant tool really helped

  195. Parsi says:

    Hi! Tx for this wonderful site. I live in Cairo, Egypt and this is my first satellite here. I wish to install it myself. Where I can find the step-by-step instructions on how to allign the dish. I am a healt professional so please let me know in simple non technical language!


  196. Rolf says:

    Hi. According to your calculation, my LNB scew suppose to be -1.1 degree which is to the right. I am in Australia. Is there a graph or chart to tell us where the degrees are?

  197. Clive Sawers says:

    Thanks, that was great. It was the skew that we got wrong finding only V polarised transmissions. Your finder sorted it all out – Great!