If you have already a Sky mini-dish attached to your house and pointed at the Sky satellite, you can use the same dish for receiving Freesat.

Just plug the cable coming from the dish to back of your new receiver. That’s it. No need to get a new dish or upgrade anything.

Freesat and Sky are broadcast from the same satellite. So the same dish size and dish direction can be used.

161 Responses to “Freesat on Sky Dish”

  1. Fay says:

    hello Ive lived in the historic centre of Florence for 3 years and I bought A huge i metre wide satelite dish which is connected to my Humax freesat The first yaer it was ok and disturbances would start at 10 3pm then last yaer it started the disturbances at 7 30pm for about 2 hours so I was able to watch newsnight Thank goodness but recently its started to go off completely at 6 3o pm for all uk terrestial channels ( i dont have Italian tv Im not interested in a long list of channels just the 4 main ones It works ok in the morning and the afternoon then 6 30pm !!!!! please can anyone suggest anything THANKYOU fay

  2. satandpcguy says:

    A few things to check:
    dish alignment, the smallest movement will cause signal loss.
    LNB – performance of these does deteriorate over time.
    perhaps your 1m dish is no longer big enough to receive the channels, as it was operating on the edge of its reception in the first place.

  3. Fay says:

    Hi Thankyou for that Ill get it checked but why does it work all day fine and then at 6 30pm break up and turn off? I know that the weather can affect it from the north but this first started wirth 10 30pm disturbance then 7 30 and now 6 30pm mmmm I don think there is a dish bigger then 1 metre wide is there ? and it proboly would be allowed on the roof ! its already very big But thankyou for replying Ill get it checked again Happy new year Fay Forgive me but what is LNB !

  4. satandpcguy says:

    Fay: if dishes are not aligned properly, or have been knocked around in winds, then their reception drops off, as they will no longer be aligned to the satellite correctly.. Dishes can be more than 1m – i think in Greece 4m satellite dishes are the norm, where I am 1.8m and 2.4m satellites dishes are the norm. LNB – Low Noise Block – the “eye” at the end of the “stalk” that “collects” the signal.

  5. Fay says:

    mmmmmmm I SEE !!! she says !! I have a friend trying to find an Antenaeista for me as its now going off at 5 30pm !!! and im not a day time TV watcher Thankyou for the encouragemnet ands info Ill let you know as asap that ive found the solution Life without Newsnight is unbeaarble !! Thankyou for letting me know what LNB is !

  6. geoff mcmahon says:

    i have moved into a new house with a dish with 2 sky + cables attached the first 1 i have used for sky in my living room can i use the second cable and split one end into two single cables and use them in older sky boxes in two seperate bedrooms

  7. phil lewis says:

    hi have just bought a freesat recorder and have got an old sky mini dish which has only one lnb cable. have a good picture on all channels but when i try to record it says no satalite signal to record.is it the lnb if so can anyone tell me which one i need .
    many thanks phil

  8. marie says:

    i have just moved house,and there is a satellite dish on the wall I would like to get freesat but dont know wether the sat dish is working or not,how do i find this out please..

  9. Jon says:

    geoff: ideally each receiver, or each input on each receiver, should have its own cable feed from the LNB. If you do not then this will cause problems, especailly if the two “split cable” receivers are wanting to watch channels on two different frequencies polarisations (ie vertical and horizontal) …the cable will only handle one frequency polarisation at a time, so receivers may not show the desired channels as they will both be competeing for frequencies over the same cable.

  10. Jon says:

    phil: most freesat PVRs are able to detect if one cable is being used or not. I suspect that your reeciver still thinks it has two cables attached. YOu will have to perofrm a Freesat scan and ensure the receiver konws that onel one cable is bieng used.
    Or option2: buy a twon output LNB and run a second cable from that to the receiver
    Or Option 3: if your receiver has a loop out, connect a small cable from that loop out to the input 2.

  11. Jon says:

    marie: either attach your receiver to the cable / dish and see if it works or contact someone to chaeck it out for you.