If you have already a Sky mini-dish attached to your house and pointed at the Sky satellite, you can use the same dish for receiving Freesat.

Just plug the cable coming from the dish to back of your new receiver. That’s it. No need to get a new dish or upgrade anything.

Freesat and Sky are broadcast from the same satellite. So the same dish size and dish direction can be used.

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  1. . says:

    Sky dont own the satellites Astra & Eutelsat do.

  2. Dick Graham says:

    Does anyone have experience of Freesat in Italy? How big a dish etc.?
    Dick Graham

  3. Richard Warner says:

    What if the cable is severed? what do i need to connect it again?

  4. Sahin says:

    Hello there. Many thanks for the info on this website. I have managed to setup my sky dish and get 80% quality and strength. However, I have one problem: I cannot get channel 4. I was wondering if you could shed some light on this? I have tested and every other channel works, i.e. ITV, BBC1, 2, 3, etc. I have the correct sattelite, i.e. 0002 and 07d4 data stream. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

  5. Alan says:

    I think channel 4 still shows as channel number 8350. Tune into this channel and then change the name.


    Will the cable attached to sky HD STILL WORK AS THIS IS A SPLIT CABLE WITH CONNECTION 1 & 2

  7. Alan says:

    Anthony: Didn’t quite understand the question. What are you trying to do?

  8. Peter Wilson says:

    Thanks for the information on using a sky satellite for freesat hd. I have a standard sky box and a new panasonic free sat tv. Can I run both services from one ariel using some type of adapter and can I buy such a thing.

  9. Alan says:

    You can buy a twin lnb for your dish.

  10. Andrew says:

    I think what Anthony means is;
    Can he connect both the sky HD box and the freesat box to the same dish?

  11. Alan says:

    Andrew, Thanks.
    Basically, each tuner needs it’s own lnb in order to watch different channels simultaneously. So, a Sky+HD receiver has two tuner and therefore the dish has a twin lnb. If you remove one cable from the HD receiver and plug it into the Freesat box then you loose the functionality of “record while watching another programme on the HD receiver”. (But then you could probably watch it on the Freesatbox). If you want to keep the way it is, you could replace the lnb with a quad lnb and run some new cabling from the lnb to the freesat box.

  12. John Stravers says:

    TO Dick Graham

    I have a 1.8 meter offset dish in Malta and cannot get BBC 1,can get ITV 1 but no 2,3 ect,I think I should have put up 2.4 dish.
    I also want to get away from the primitive rubbishy SKY box and I might get lucky with more channels.
    Get all the 5 channels but ch 4 is still a mistery.
    Good luck

  13. John Stravers says:

    To Sahin

    For Channel 4 go to freq. 12.480 V 27.5 and FEC 2/3.
    You should get it and the other 4′s

  14. Jasp says:

    We have a sky mini dish with a single output LNB and Sky set-top box feeding an non-HD capable tv.

    I’d like to plumb in a second tv with HD capability, but using Freesat instead of Sky.

    Appreciate I need to replace the LNB with a quad feed one, with the original cable continuing to supply the Sky box and a new one supplying a Freesat box (leaving 2 spare feeds).

    My question is, will this enable us to watch Sky on one tv and Freesat on the other at the same time? There seems to be an issue about set-top boxes controlling the LNB, so if a Sky box and a Freesat box are both trying to control the same LNB at the same time will this be a problem? Or does the fact that Sky and Freesat come from the same satellite mean this isn’t an issue?

  15. Alan says:

    Jasp: With a quad lnb, you can hook up 4 different receivers and watch 4 different channels simultaneously. That’s what a quad lnb is for, it has nothing to do with same satellite, a quad lnb can only be pointed at a single satellite.

  16. Jasp says:

    Thanks Alan.

    I understand that with a quad LNB I could hook up 4 Sky receivers and watch 4 different channels from Sky simultaneously.

    But, could I hook up, say, 2 Sky receivers and 2 Freesat receivers and watch 2 different channels from Sky AND 2 different channels from Freesat simultaneously?

  17. Alan says:

    Sure, why not? It doesn’t matter what sort of receiver or package. Any receiver, any channel.

  18. Jasp says:

    Thanks Alan

  19. peter says:

    hello…just bought a new plasmas with freesat built in,great but only the origonal sky box installed from old setup,
    Question only one feed from old skydish so plugged into new tele …great freesat ..no sky so then tried connecting to sky box and via scart …only sky( to be expected) back to shop recm’d maplin splitter, two leads one to each ..being carefull of dc supply bias from skybox connection on splitter… no joy only sky no free sat..

    is the signal too weak in my case it comes up with programme listing for free sat but no pictures ..

    if i revert to line connected to freesat on tele cracking picture //but no sky …help?????

    cheers any help greatly appreciated .. sorry for war and piece.

  20. SatScene says:

    There are a large number of Sky minidishes out there that were installed in the ‘early days’ of Sky Digital and which are now either pretty sick, or getting a little tired to say the least.

    Whilst the dish face will probably last forever, the LNB itself has a decidedly limited lifespan. Anyone with an LNB which is more than five years old would be well advised to swap it out if they are planning on doing any dish maintenance or rerunning new coax for example.

    New LNBs can be had for two or three quid on the auction sites.

    Just a thought.

  21. neil says:

    i run a normal sky set up but my question is, could i put up an other dish point it an other satalite and get other chanels ie football from lets say japan would a normal sky box work with this set up or would i need a different box?

  22. Alan says:

    Neil: Yes you could do that but probably no football from Japan. Those satellites are on the other side of the earth. But european stuff is easily available (mind there are not that many english channels though).

    A sky box is no good for that, though. An independent box is better.

  23. david says:

    sky select quad lnb.2for sky+ 1for freesat sd receiver set up yesterday.Signal strenght 95%.can,t get bbc2/3/4 ch4/5 poss others.Tried reset same result.Turn off power to sky+ lost all freesat settingsTurn power on reset freesat,same result.Help

  24. John Mc says:


    I have a sky + box, and just bouhgt a freesat panasonic HDTV… I want to keep sky + for recording stuff, but have freesat for the HD content.

    I planned to split the sat cable with a two way splitter, and send an output each to sky+ box and the tv freesat… howeverm found that for sky + there is a two-way coax cable and can;t find a splitter for this.

    Any suggestions, without having a re-wire from my lnb?

  25. dave parker says:

    i use the basic technomate receiver with a 60cm dish at my caravan and pick up all the channels (north west uk.)
    i have tried to do the same here at home(east uk)using a sky minidish that i was given. i can receive all the foreign channels but no bbc or itv.just a message (poor signal quality) or (scrambled channel)and all seem to be around channel no 800 to 850 , i am using the same receiver so do i need a bigger dish?

  26. rob says:

    Hi I get good pictures from the BBC/ITV freesat ( Astra 2) but the programme guide has blanks and the message ” no information available” against some programmes. I am told that the guide comes from Eurobird and the solution is to align the dish towards that satellite. Has anyone any knowledge of this problem please? and how the LNB skew is adjusted . Thanks

  27. matt says:

    I want to upgrade my freesky dish to freesat capable of supporting the Humax Foxsat HDR. I have established that I need to upgrade the lnb from single to quad – there’s one on amazon for £40 – is this straightforward and do I need to repalce the cable run from the dish to the kit and if so what type of cable do I need? The dish is very accessible.

    Many thanks if anyone can help.

  28. Mark says:

    I live in a flat with communal sky dish. I have a standard sky box as cabling in building can not support Sky +. TV is Panasonic HD with Freesat. The question is can I fit a splitter at TV so I can use the inbuilt Freesat in TV OR the Sky signal. Only want to use Freesat for HD signals for TV.
    I get the LNB thing about running a second cable but I imagine this is just if you want to permanently have both signals. Would turn off Sky box when using Freesat – would this work. Any Help would be great. Thanks

  29. Jon says:

    I have plugged the sky lead to my new panasonic freesat tv but the sky channels say no satallite signal being received.Help?

  30. Shannon says:

    A pal of mine wants to set up Freesat (particularly for HD channels)
    He has an existing Sky minidish up from the previous owner of the house and the coax running into the property, he no longer has a Sky reciever.

    Will this one cable be ok to get the box running and recieve HD channels, also other than the Freesat reciever (which comes with a HDMI cable) he wouldnt have to buy anything else would he ?

  31. Freesat Dish Question | hilpers says:

    [...] argos, buy a Freesat box >and simply switch it for my current Sky box? > >Cheers >Ed http://www.uksatellitehelp.co.uk/200…t-on-sky-dish/ " If you have already a Sky mini-dish attached to your house and pointed at the Sky [...]

  32. Simon Bliss says:

    I have a panasonic tv with freesat built in and common interface module which allows me to watch setanta, i have tuned the tv to pick up sky channels which tell me they are encrypted when you try to watch, if i purchased a sky card would i be able to put it where the setanta card is and watch sky one.
    Many thanks

  33. Alan says:

    @Simon: No, that wouldn’t work. You need a sky digibox and run a cable from the dish to the box (which might require a different lnb).

  34. phil says:

    hi can any body tell me, i have a sky box and dish but only get freeview channels through the box, i would like to be able to convert what i have into getting channels from other satelites if possible ie,football from the premiership,and still get channels from freeview or freesat,thanks any advice please i am a neewbie at this.

  35. Brian Gold says:

    Like many others I already have digital kit and want to obtain freesat.
    I have a digital aerial, digital TV and Sky dish connected to a non-functioning Grundig. The Grundig has a card for the free channels only (changed some years ago so I do NOT subscribe to Sky).
    We live in an area which cannot receive a main transmitter signal so our current analogue (and the upcoming digital) signals come from a “relay station”. These will not have enough power to transmit all digital channels so the switchover due in November will result in us receiving a maximum of 18 channels only.
    I am disappoitned by this so am looking at connecting my Sky dish to the TV to receive freesat from the Astra (?) satellite rather than the dreaded “relay station”.
    My assumption is that a TV being ‘digital’ means it can process a digital signal. So if I connect the Sky dish directly to the TV will that not merely pick up from the dish or do I need yet another box in between the dish and TV?
    If the latter then is it easy to tune in?

  36. marc carden says:

    will myself and my housemate need 2 sky dish as I am getting free sat and he is getting the paid channels?

  37. Dapo says:

    I have a quad LNB and it had two feeds leaving it into my Sky+, I ran two more cables from the LNB, one for freesat and one for the sky dish upstairs.

    But now the two new cables are not giving any signal!

    what have I done wrong? Is it possible to buy the wrong cable?

  38. John White says:

    Please could you help my problem as follows :-
    When I turn to my Sky Channels the Screen just shows searching for channel.
    Could you tell me if this is just a problem with the LNB on the Dish or the Sky HD box.
    I have tried the usual ways as surgested by Sky i.e Turn off the set at the mains for a couple of mins then turn back on and go through the reset programme but still no Channel. ?

  39. Steve diamond says:


    I’m currently on secondment with my works in mid Italy (just north of Florence) There is a standard 80cm italian satellite dish fitted to my house that appears to point toward 28E and I have a UK spec Skybox+ with UK freeview card. I am aware that the dish might be too small for the location (I believe I will need about a 1.3mm dish) but I don’t know if I will need a different LNB for my UK set up. Any one any ideas please?

  40. Alan says:

    Steve: You shouldn’t need a different LNB. 80cm should be ok for all channels wich are not on Astra 2D, so no BBC, but still good enough for getting some channels.

  41. dean says:

    If I bye a sky+ receiver to replace my old sky (not sky+) recever an connect it up etc, am I right in thinking I could record programs that I am watching… or record programs when im not at home, I dont have a dual LNB, so of course I know i couldnt record a differnt program while watching another program, and also I am a sky subscriber so would my sky viewing card work in the new sky+ box? or would I have to get a replacment one from sky. Thank you from Dean

  42. Carl says:

    I have an old Sky dish on the side of my house that was left by the previous owner. Thanks to this site I reckon its pointing to one of the Astra satellites (makes sense) but connected to my free sat tuner I don’t get a signal. I tried my free sat tuner on another brand new dish and that works fine.

    Is there any way to test the dish without buying a signal tester, or is it possibly just too old. Could it be an analogue dish, would this still work, how could I tell? I have a digital multimeter, could I damage the dish?


  43. Alan says:

    I doubt the dish is too old, unless it’s very very old with an analogue LNB. But if it’s one of the eliptical mini-dishes everyone else has, it should be fine. It probably needs re-aligning.

  44. Alan says:

    If you have already a Sky subscription, Sky+ is free otherwise ~£10/mth. So you could get a new Sky+ receiver. If you get it through Sky, they would take care of the card, if you buy it off ebay or so, you probably will need to ring Sky to get the card activated for the new receiver to make full use of the recording and premium channels etc.

  45. Brendan says:

    I have just purchased a Panasonic Plasma with Free Sat. As it turns out the building (block of flats) im in has a sat dish setup for Sky.

    My Question is. Can i use the Sky Dish in the building to access the FreeSat EPG.

    Note: I can see the channels, by tuning manually but the EPG doesnt work.

    What do i need to do to get this working?


  46. EILEEN ZAKONEK says:


  47. MUD says:

    Hi ,

    I have a sky dish installed on the new house I just moved in. I never had sky or anything so not sure what I need to buy in order to get free sat.

    My tv is a old one so it doesnt have a digital receiver or anything, I’m just tring to get freesat from the sky dish if possible.

    Do I just need a receiver or do I also need the something like Quad LNB (found on amazon)?

    Any help would be great.

  48. Mohit says:


    Hi,I have IPTV from an ADSL provider on one floor and I have Sky Direct to HOme service (Dish TV) on my ground floor.
    I wish to feed my sky boxes with the IPTV signal(it provides more channels than sky). What kind of bridge if any would be required between the two set-top-boxes (i.e. between IPTV STB and SKy STB).

    I was also thinking,maybe if i just feed the LNB of sky set-top-box with plain old S-Video-out signal from my IPTV box,should this do the trick?CAn i change channels on my ground floor sky box with this technique?

    Any news would be helpful.

  49. vidya says:


    the building i live we cannot put sky dish because we have community socket in the property and how can i install sky

  50. Ray says:


    I have 70% signal on new dish but no quality 0% what have done wrong.

  51. Mercelle says:


    I am not very technical at all so any detailed help would be much appreciated! I live in a block of flats which has been fitted with a communal sky dish. Each flat only has one sky feed so we cannot get the true benefits of Sky+ as you need two sky feeds. And we are not allowed to have our own dishes installed.
    We’ve just received our new Sky+ HD box and apparently there is a code of some sort that you can put into the new HD boxes that will convert one feed into two feeds so that we can reap the full benefits of Sky+ (i.e. watch one channel whilst recording two other channels at the same time) or scheduling a programme to record when away from home…. We cannot do any of these because there is only one sky output. PLEASE HELP!

  52. John says:

    We are moving to a new house that has a terrestrial aerial already fitted and both co-axial and satellite sockets in the living room. The builder informs me that the satellite cabling has been taken into the loft to connect with an external dish that would need to be fitted.
    If I purchase a freesat TV, I understand this will need a quad lnb to pick up both Sky HD and Freesat. Would this still be able to use the one cable routed in the wall from the loft to living room or would an additional external cable need to be fitted? If another cable I would probably go for Freeview TV that would use the terrestrial aerial with Sky using the sattellite cable.
    I need to know how it would be fitted before deciding which TV, then I can get the dish installed.

  53. Victor says:

    Please could someone give me some help?

    I have just purchased a Humax foxsat HD set top box which is designed for the FREESAT service.

    After setting up the box as per the enclosed booklet provided it kept on telling me that my postal code was invalid, I tried a couple of times but I keep getting the “Invalid Postal Code” message.

    In the end I telephoned the supplier as per the telephone number in booklet, and the gentleman at the other end informed me that the Sky Dish that I have installed, of which I am presently using to watch FREESAT TO SKY…… HAS TO BE REALIGNED, all these people that say they can just unplug from Sky and it will automatically work with FREESAT puzzles me.

    This would in effect prevent me from watching Sky or Freesat together if I realigned the dish.

    Also what IS the correct setting for FREESAT?

    Could someone PLEASE give me some advice of what could be the problem?

    Many thanks in advance.

  54. Pete says:

    No no, don’t realign your dish if you can get Sky from that dish. That’s so not true if they tell you to re-align the dish. Are you living in an area with a new post code? Try typing in another, well established post code.

  55. Victor says:

    I have now managed to instal my Humax Foxsat HD, it is a pleasure to watch programs in HD, the colours are just great on my new Panasonic 26 inch TV.

    Anyone thinking about getting one GO FOR IT

  56. Clive says:

    Is it easy to install a second cable to my 10 year old satellite dish so that I can buy and set up a Humax – Foxsat HD recorder.

    Can I buy the “bits” from B & Q.


  57. Richard says:

    I know nothing about satellite dishes but there is one installed complete with cable on the house I have just moved into. How can I tell if this will be suitable for a freesat box.

  58. Brian says:

    Hi ya,
    Confussed by all this.
    If I put up a larger dish, will I be able to receive more channels via my sky box????
    I have two dishes up from previous owners, if I change one of them to a larger dish and connect it to a freesat box will I need a card to see say english football from another country sports channel????

  59. Brian says:

    Me again,
    Looking uo more info on dishes and boxes etc. Evertone seems to mention that you need a freefree box with a card slot, why? and what is the slot for?

  60. Richard Bristow says:

    Hi,I have recently reactivated my old sky dish,I checked the cable and also replaced the LMB I .got, a signal,so I rushed out and purchased a new sat rec,from Maplin,alas after a lot of messing about ,I tuned it in and all I could receive was alot of ads,including ads for cheap sex programs.about four old films,and that was it.I wanted to get BBC and ITV but was told by an experienced sat viewer,I needed an HD receiver and to try other satelites I am on Astra ,I have a new HD television.Any suggestions anybody,regards.

  61. Roy Baxter says:

    I currently have a Plasma TV and Sky box installed to watch free to air programs. I want to change it to a HD TV plus a Humax FoxSat HDR PVR so I can watch and record HD programs simultaneously. I also want to move the existing Sky box to a bedroom. I know I need to change my LNB from a single to a quad but how many cables do I need to run to the HD TV and Humax? Obviously there is one there already and I know I need a new one for the bedroom, it’s the TV and Humax that confuses.

  62. Alan says:

    Each box requires a cable. If a box has two tuners (watch and record different programs) then the box requires two cables.

  63. Keith says:

    Hi, I’m sorry to be thick, but I’ve read all these responses and my question is:

    My Sky HD box has two inputs/cables from the sky dish. When I cancel my sub. to Sky, which cable do I plug in to my LG freesat tv to allow me to tune in the freesat channels? Or can I use either one?


  64. Alan says:

    Why don’t you just do it now? Take one cable out of the box and plug it into your telly. See what happens and tell us here.

  65. steve says:

    probably a stupid question really,but can i plug a terrestrial top box into a sky dish without blowing anything up

  66. Alan says:

    Why would you want to do that? They have two completely different tuners in them. You won’t get any joy from that and whether it would damage anything, I don’t know – if you do try it, let us know.

  67. brian says:

    HI i am trying to get freesat on my pc can you help pleas i have just installed a
    pci satellite tv adaptor to my pc. conected the cable fom my dish to the pc and now i am stuck whith what to do next. the dish is a sky mini dish which i still use for sky tv. can you help me many thanks Brian.

  68. Mike says:

    Like many contributers I have purchased a Humax Foxsat HDR to replace my Sky freesat. I have been quoted £95 to fit a quad LNB as I need two feeds in . As I am on a limited pension to save money I have purchased a conversion kit for around £20. It looks easy to fit BUT I am concerned about getting the correct LNB skew – - a question of trial & error? – any advice will be greatly appreciated

  69. Steve V says:

    I have one dish through which I receive Sky+
    I want freesat in the back room – is it possible to run a Sky+ box and Freesat receiver from the same dish at the same time, or will I need a second dish for the freesat receiver?

  70. Mike says:

    Steve like me I think you will need to fit a quad LNB if the existing one has only two outputs already used for SKY+ but with a quad LNB you will not need another dish according to my limited knowledge

  71. alan says:

    Mike: Don’t worry too much about skew. Just put it straight on, it should do. If you need to, you can optimise it by watching the signal quality(!) bar on the receiver while slightly turning the lnb.

    Steve, as Mike said, quad lnb is what you need if you want sky+ and freesat.

  72. Mike says:

    Thanks Alan – much appreciated

  73. Graham says:


    I have SKY+HD and a Panasonic HD TV with Freesat built in.

    do I need to get a HD Quad LNB or is a Quad LNB all i need – the reason i ask is that I can’t see any advertised as HD but don’t want to buy the wrong thing…



  74. Alan says:

    There is no such thing as HD LNB…

  75. Steve V says:

    Thanks Mike and Alan

  76. Graham says:


    That is what I thought but just wanted to confirm that – excellent!

    Thanks a million……


  77. Billy says:

    Hi Alan
    I’ve just bought a new Panasonic TV with integrated Freesat. I have a normal Sky+ box (two cables coming in from the Satellite dish). To receive the Freesat TV channels and to retain all the currents functions of the Sky+ box do I need to get another cable installed from the Sky dish directly into the Freesat connector on the TV?

    many thanks

  78. Alan says:

    Yes, and a new quad lnb

  79. KJ says:

    Hello everyone,
    I too have just got a Panasonic TV with built in Freesat – I have an sky satellite dish with a sky box in the bedroom which is just used for basic non-contract free-to-air programmes.
    I think I have worked out from the other posts that I would need a new LNB for the dish to pick up the different satellite signals but am confused as to how/what cable would be needed to connect the satellite dish to the new TV for the Freesat……
    Any advice much appreciated.

  80. david b says:

    Hi Experts!
    Don’t know if you can help,re- wired old sky dish replaced lnb with a quad unit, encounted problems of the Humax box not recognising our postal code!
    put a couple of others in local & two miles away still did not recognise. Could only pick up 16 channels not all showing on the transponder advised in the maual.
    Messed around fitting the old sky lnb (understand only one feed)
    Ignored the manual & selected all transponder settings managed to pick 300+ channels, BUT channels like qvc & price drop cannot recieve or poor signal. Firstly I suspect the quad lnb could be at fault & why are we not picking up the shopping channels on the sky lnb. Any advice guys.
    Many thanks

  81. CJ says:

    I have a Sky digibox (which I want to keep) but rather than pay for HD, have also purchased a Humax Foxsat-HD. Not being keen on changing to a twin LNB, I’ve purchaseed a simple (unswitched) 4-way Satellite signal splitter from B&Q. After powering everything down, I connected up the splitter and tried the Humax. It worked fine. I placed it into standby and tried the Sky digibox but was presented with “no satellite connected”. I’ve tried different outputs from the splitter and with the Humax in standby and disconnected but the digibox will not work unless the satellite feed is connected directly to it. Any suggestions other than fit a dual lnb would be greatfully appreciated.

  82. Alan says:

    KJ: These are called coax cables. Best is if you check out some satellite shops and ask them what they got in stock.

    David, CJ: No idea.

  83. CJ says:

    Thanks for the reply – looks like my system is going to need a new dual-lnb and second cable run to get both working.

  84. eric adams says:

    just fitted freesat to my old sky dish but got no signal at all.tried sky box and got 60% signal strength , 80% quality and all free channels. help.

  85. Dan says:

    Hi, i have recently purchased a new dish and lnb and tried to set it up myself to my sky + box, i have put the new dish up near to my neibours dish so its facing the same way and all pointing in the right direction, but when i connect all the cables up it says no signal is being received, i tried my box at my friends house so i know its working fine, i have swapped the cables around , but still no joy, can anyone tell me what i might be doing wrong, or can i split a twin cable to use two boxes from one dish. as i have it in my living room from neighbours dish and thats fine, but no more ports are available on their dish so i cant run 2 boxes from that one, so can i split the live feed that is in my living room to work a box in my bedroom

  86. Mike Clabburn says:

    To those having difficulty entering their post code on the Humax HDR, are you remembering to enter the correct spacing? The post code is only required to give the correct regionality to the HDR tuner.

  87. Andy says:

    Hi everyone,

    Apologies if this sounds like a really thick question, but… I’ve a Sky+ box which I use and want to keep and a telly with integrated Freesat. I’m not overly bothered about Freesat as I get all the channels with Sky anyway, but I would like to watch the odd bit on Freesat HD from time to time. So, is there likely to be any problem disconnecting one of the feeds from the Sky+ box and connecting it to the telly for the HD programmes and then reconnecting it back to the Sky box?

    I guess we’d be talking about doing this a couple of times a month, so it’s not a major pain, providing it doesn’t mess up Sky+.

    Any advice gratefully appreciated!

  88. dustin davies says:

    i was wondering if you could help me out i am cancelling my sky tv will i get free sat through my satalite dish and sky box or will i nead to buy a free sat box or can i use the sky box also will i nead to take card out sky box or leave the sky card in machine thanks

  89. colin says:

    wonder if anyone could help. ok ive a sky dish on my house and a box that lets me watch free view channels. my friend give me his disk and his sky box if i put the dish up and aim it for a different sat will it work? and if so what are the other sats that i should aim for? i live near london so better if it was english stations that or portuguese please help

  90. darren says:

    ANDY Dec 28th(12.32)
    Did you succeed in what you were trying to do?Ive got a new tv with integrated freesat and have sky+,and wanted to do the exact same,I.E. change lead over occassionally for freesat hd channels.
    Does anyone know if this is viable??

  91. Lynsay Duncan says:

    My sky+ box has broken so I purchased a standard sky box in its place however it only has space for 1 input cable from the dish and I have 2 cables set up for the sky+. Do I need an adaptor or should 1 of these cables attached to my new standard box give me sky anyway?
    I tried but it did not work. Or is it the sky+ viewing card not compatible with normal box?

  92. Steven says:

    Thanks to all for the thread and answers , from what I have read I can use the old Sky mini dish, but to use a freesat receiver with HD and record funtion I need to upgrade LND to a Quad to receive more channels and HD. If I am wrong could some one update me.

  93. JOE says:

    Can You Use the sky and freesat at the same time, like split the cable??

  94. satandpcguy says:

    a sky+ box uses two cables from the dish, as it has two tuners inside the box, which allows you to watch one channel and record another at the same time. a basic box only has one cable input as it cannot allow you to watch more than one channel as it only has a single tuner inside.
    A sky card is paired to a sky box – and if not paired you will not be able to view the Sky Sports or Movie channels – although other chanensl should be available.

    Sky TV channels and Fresat TV channels come from the same satellites and use the same frequencies. so if youy want ot swap a sky receiver to a freesat receiver you just change the cables around – you do not need to move the dish!
    Any PVR receiver, like the Sky+ or Freesat+ ideally requires two cables to be connected from the dish to the receiver…allowing you to watch one channel and record another at the same time. So you will need an LNB with at least 2 outputs, or more if you have more receivers to connect.

    Normally you cannot use the same single cable one two receivers at the same time. if one receiver is looking at a verticale polarisation channel and the other is wanting to look at a horizontal polarisation channel then one receiver will work and the other may not – and there is a possinility of damaging the LNB and receivers. You can use a STACKER system, that mixes two signals down to a DESTACKER that unmixes the signals and allows two receivers to use one single cable.
    Hope this helps.

  95. IAN says:


    IAN (18-2-10)

  96. satandpcguy says:

    If you want to watch one channel and record an other at the same time then there are two methods:

    Get a Sky+ box and pay a subscription. With a Sky+ receiver, you MUST pay sky something per month to acivate the hard drive functions: either £10 per month, or go for their cheapest TV package – £18 per month.

    Or get an other receiver (and card if required) hooked up to the dish..

  97. lento says:

    Question: What is a decent freestat box? I want 2 channel hard drive recorder. It seems that there is not much choice and why are they so expensive (compared to f/v).

    Also I am hearing about a satellite called Hotbird (?) is it better than the free stat one?

    Love the site

    Best wishes,

  98. satandpcguy says:

    Humax make a very good HD PVR, that allow you to watch one channel and record another – see the deals available on joinfreesat.co.uk…right hand side…

    Hotbird is another satellite group located at 13 east. It covers most of Europe. It carries mainly European channels (Sky Italia, Polsat, Cyfra, Nova, Polska). There are not many English language channels on there for free (BBC World, CNN and one or two others only)

  99. mantaray says:

    I am a previous sky subscriber and still have my satellite dish. Can you tell me what I need to buy to use satellite dish to receive freeview?/freesat? I do not want to go to the expence of replacing my ‘ old worn out arial. Can I make use of sky dish? Any help appreciated!
    from mantaray.

  100. satandpcguy says:

    Freeview is via your TV aerial and requires a Freeview receiver.
    Freesat requires a Freesat receiver and a satellite dish.

    There are channels on Freeview, like Dave and History, that are subscription only on satellite.

    But your Sky box with no sky card is able to receive the same channels as a Freesat receiver – Freesat and Sky use the same satellites and same frequencies.

  101. Dave says:


    I have a sattelite dish outside my house but have never used it? there is a split cable thing that comes through to my living room too. My question is, if I buy a free sat box, and plug it in, will it work?



  102. satandpcguy says:

    As long as the dish is pointing towards the UK TV satellites (astra 2 at 28.2 east), then you should get freesat – assuming the LNB and cable and ocnnections are all OK

  103. Garry says:

    Hi. I’m really hoping somebody can help and i haven’t just wasted 230 pounds. I have a sky plus box with minidish.
    I recently decided i would prefer free sat with HD in order to save costs and because I realised that the subscription channel wasn’t worth having.
    I cancelled Sky and tried to install the new Sagem HD free sat box this evening. Even though it worked for Sky I can get no signal whatever . When I asked the guy at Curries he told me all I had to do was plug the two lines from my sky box into the new receiver and that would be it. Do I now have to pay somebody to replace my dish / realign it?

  104. satandpcguy says:

    Sky boxes and Freesat boxes use the same satellite and frequencies for the cahnensl they carry – so you do not have to get your dish moved.

    As long as you have a Sagam Freesat box, and not a Freeview box then it should all work – just simply swap the cables from your Sky+ box to your Freesat HD+ box.

  105. alann says:

    i am a sky customer for 5 years we moved into an apartment block that wont allow people to mount dishes on the wall, so how can i continue to get sky without mounting a dish on the wall. (please help)

  106. satandpcguy says:

    maybe your block has a communal dish system that you need to hook up to?
    One dish feeding all apartments is better than each apartment each having their own dish. If you do not have a communal dish, get the community to get one installed. If they reject a communal dish, then you should be able to get your own personal one installed.

  107. alann says:

    thanks “satandpcguy” but there is no communal dish and they have no interest in puting one up is there any other way of recieving sky without the dish.(please help)

  108. satandpcguy says:

    alann: “is there any other way of recieving sky without the dish.(please help)”
    Sky TV is generally via satellite only.
    If in the UK maybe the Skyplayer can be used, its like the BBC Iplayer.
    Or look into the slingbox – have the dish somewhere else and sling the pictures to your place..

  109. Allan says:

    Can I mount the sat dish to receive freesat in my loft I am in the London area

  110. satandpcguy says:

    alan: ideally no. a line of sight to the satellite with as few restrictoins as possible is required.

  111. Allan says:

    Many thanks satandpcguy, just have to set it up outside

  112. Matt F says:

    Hi guys,
    Wonderingif you could help me out, I’ve recently had a sky HD box and dish installed, but have been messed around with sky so much that i’ve decided to leave them. I know that I can recieve freesat through the new sky satelite dish and i’ve treated myself to a sony bravia which has built in freesat, however the connection for my sky HD box has two lnb cables and as far as I can see on my tv I only have the 1 connection point, meaning I could only watch one channel at a time.
    I was wondering if there was a way to get around this problem or will I just have to bite the bullet and stump up for a freesat box?

    I’ve got an old thompson 250gb freeview and recorder box, not sure if I could do some creative wiring and get any results from that?


  113. satandpcguy says:

    The two connections on the Sky box are for the hard drive recording of one channel whilst watching another channels.
    Most Freesat TVs only have the one connection, as they dont have the recording ability.
    So either starts a Sky sub again (1 mix £18 per month) and get the recording functions activated (and get C4HS and Five HD not on Freesat!)
    Or go for a Freesat HD PVR box, where the recording functions are availabl with no subscription.

    Freeview boxes are not compaitable with satellite dishes.
    Freeview is the terrrestrail service via a TV Aerial.
    Freesat is via a dish.
    Freeview and Freesat are two totally different transmission systems and not compatiable with each other

  114. Richard Jones says:

    I have recently bought a Labgear Freesat dish and receiver from Screwfix, and no amount of fiddling about with the dish direction is getting me anywhere. It is pointing in roughly the right direction as my neighbours (so I know that I am not completely barking up the wrong tree). I have used a Labgear Satellite Finder and moved the dish in line with the audio and visual signals to the point where the strongest readings are obtained, still to only get a Signal Strength of 30% and Quality of 5% on the Receiver. After hours of such tinkering (and three sets of holes in the wall as I have tried the dish in different places out of desperation) I removed the F connector and coaxial lead from the back of the receiver to find that I was getting exactly the same readings!

    Can anyone give me any tips or shed any light on the problem. I’m confused as the Satellite Finder seems to think I have found something but the receiver doesn’t seem to agree! Could it be the LNB to receiver cable, or do you have to alter some of the settings on the receiver?

    Any help would be much appreciated – the whole lot will be going into orbit anytime soon if I don’t manage to sort it! ;-)

  115. satandpcguy says:

    what satellite are you trying to get?
    A basic meter will only tell you that you are on A satellite, not necessarily the satellite you want. And the signal strength showing on the receiver will depend on which frequency you are looking for – so which frequency / satellite is the receiver set to that is giving you the 30 and 5% readings?
    try dishpointer.com for a more accurate estimation as to the direction you need to point.

  116. Richard Jones says:

    Thank you for responding to me.

    I am trying to get Eurobird 1 / Astra 2A/2B/2D at 28.2E. I have set the receiver for this satellite and it is giving the 30% and 5% readings. However, it even gives these readings without being connected to the satellite dish. I have tried dishpointer.com and followed it’s advice and detailed setting advice to no avail.

    Am I understanding this correctly, if you set your receiver for a particular satellite, e.g. Eurobird1 / Astra 2 will it only show a signal strength reading if it is receiving a signal from that particular satellite as opposed to a signal reading for any satellite, i.e. will it know that however weak / poor it is that the signal it is receiving is from a given satellite? For example if you have set a receiver to look for Hotbird 1 / Astra 2 and it actually receives a signal from Hotbird, it shouldn’t read any signal strength at all on the display because it hasn’t received a signal from the satellite it has been told to look for?

    Secondly, how can my receiver ‘think’ it has got a signal and provide a reading for it when the dish isn’t even connected – is the receiver likely to be faulty?

  117. satandpcguy says:

    IF you get these readings without anything connected then check all cables and connection, look for shorts, and make sure the LNB is working.

    When algning try and use a frequency that you know what channels are on that frequency – ie use 12207, when you geta signal, do a scan, if you get Sky News, then you are on the correct satellite – align and tighten screw, and do a full rescan.

    Many satellites use similar frequencies,os you may htinky you are on Astra2, but you may be on another satellite.

  118. Dante says:

    Hi I am an existing Sky customer and want to cancel my subsciption to them.

    Will I lose out on any channels by not requesting a freesat viewing card from Sky?

  119. satandpcguy says:

    IF oyu cancel you sky subscription properly – it 1 month notice, with Sky, then your card should “become” a freesatfromsky card, and will allow access to the “free to view” channels.

    You do not need a viewing card for the “free to air” channels – like BBC – Freesat boxes only allow access to free to air channels and require no card.

  120. chris wood says:

    iv moved into a new house iv got sky + and i took the dish off my old house if i put the dish up pointing the same way as the others on other houses will it work

  121. Alan says:


  122. satandpcguy says:

    I supoose it depends which satellites the other dishes are pointing at!
    use dishpointer to get the general direction, then a portable TV, sat finder meter, and a receiver to locate the correct satellite – even a small eoor in direction can mean you are pointing tot he wrong group of satellites…

  123. ian says:

    just bought a ross satelite with freeview. pointing to astra 2 and hundreds of channels but only english channel is world news. no other english channels whatsoever. Please help, Never had satelite before

  124. satandpcguy says:

    If you are only BBC World News, and lots of other country channels, then you are on Astra 1 at 19 east and not Astra 2.

  125. Peter says:

    I have a humax freesat (foxsat hdr) receiver with twin tuners, the two cables ran from a quad lnb. My tv has its own freesat receiver which the installer did not connect (I regret). I’ll get another feed sorted if/when we get another (foreign tv) installation. What I want to know is if I can split one of the two Humax feeds so it connects to the tv as well as the Humax. The reason for this is so we can just put the tv on for the kids to watch beebies without having to switch on the AV receiver & Humax. This will save about 600 watts/hr and we really don’t want all the kit on to watch kids tv.

    I would have thought that an ultra wide band 2-way splitter would do the job nicely. Am I correct? Many thanks.

  126. satandpcguy says:

    Peter: you can use a splitter, but it is not ideal.

    You will have to ensure that the second cable not in use it not being powered by the receiver or TV, otherwise the LNB could be getting instructions to look at two different frequencies at the same time, which could damage the LNB, or mean that certain frequencies you want to watch are not available (as one receiver / tv is overriding). This is assuming the TV cannot switch off power to the LNB if not in Freesat mode, and this is what you will need to check.

  127. Peter says:

    Thanks. I have been looking to see whether the tv can indeed switch off power to the lnb when its receiver is not being used but haven’t ascertained that yet – I will carry on looking at this.

    I think there may be another option though: the Humax receiver has an “LNB OUT” socket (principally for loop thru when you have only one lnb in feed I gather). If I connect this to the TV will this work? I guess that the Humax would not have to be switched on for this to work and when the Humax was powered up, what then? Would I still have the above issue of two receivers competing to power the lnb (assuming the tv lnb power function cannot be switched off)? Given that the two feeds are still going to the Humax isn’t it possible that when the humax is on the LNB out is deactivated???? Maybe I should also drop Humax a line and Panasonic, the tv manufacturer.

  128. satandpcguy says:

    Some loop thrus require the receiver to be on (more of an IF thruput), and so the only frequency available would be the one the receiver is on. Some receivers, a loopthru can be used without the receiver being turned on (or even left in standby)

  129. Peter says:

    Thanks again. I’ve dropped both Panasonic & Humax a line to ask whether (i) the tv receiver will try & power the lnb when the receiver is not being used & (ii) whether the lnb out feed from the Humax to the tv will “deactivate” when I’m using the Humax receiver. Will post if/when I get a response. To me this should be possible as I am not trying to “split” a feed, merely have it hooked up to two receivers, only one of which I will use at any one time (subject to the tv receiver not powering the lnb when not in use).

    I may just bite the bullet and connect the lnb out to the tv and see what happens. It should work but no amount of Internet searching will provide a definitive answer & the instruction manuals are no help…

  130. Peter says:

    Heard nowt from either of Humax or Panasonic but the LNB Out feed direct to the TV with the Humax in standby (with powersave in standby being “on”) works just fine. Switching on the Humax automatically assumes pole position/takes over & we’re good to go.

    Thanks for your input.

  131. Paul says:

    I have a normal skybox, with no card, in my house in west coast france and get numerous channels (i tuned the dish myself using the telly as found tuner thing impossible), if i swap this for a freesat box (and maybe with second cable to have both connected) will i receive different/more/less channels and also if i take my card from uk on full subscription+hd when i goto france and plug it into the old normal box, any ideas if it’ll give me more channels – not bothered about hd, just channels such as the films etc.. Thanks. Paul.

  132. satandpcguy says:

    Not all free to air (no card required) channels are on the freesat programme guide. You have to go add them in “non freesat mode”.
    so a standard Freesat receiver will receive the same channels as a Sky box with no card.
    A Freesat HD box will get BBC1HD, BBC HD and ITV1HD channels extra to a standard sky box.
    A sky card will work in any sky box for the basic “6 mix” channels. Sports and Movie channels will only work in the cards “home” box, unless you contact Sky each time and get the card paired to the holiday box each time.

  133. Akealison says:

    Can you advise??
    I have a Sky + HD box and want to cancel my subscription and go onto FreeSat.
    How do I do this and keep the recording function?

  134. satandpcguy says:

    Akealison: you MUST Pay Sky something per month for access to the recording features of Sky boxes. No pay no record or playback.
    FreesatHD+ has recording functions for free.

  135. peterj says:

    hi/can i ask satandpcguy i have sky+ i wish to cancel if i cancel can i use the sky box as freesat when sky switch me off? also can i watch one channel and record another?or do i have to purchase a freesat hd box and if so which freesat box to get and if i have to is it just a case of powering down sky box and switching the two cables to the new box. thanks.

  136. satandpcguy says:

    PeterJ: You MUST pay sky something to use their recording functions – either a 1 tv mix, or a stand alone £10 per month.

    Your sky box with a ex subscription card will get all the “free to air” freesat channels, AND Fiver, Five USA and Sky 3, and Liverpool FCTV, as your exsub sky card will “become” a freesatfromsky “free to view” card, and get these few channels that are NOT on Freesat.

    IF you get a freesat HD+ box then your recordin functions are free, you get BBC1HD, BBCHD and ITv1 HD. And its is just a case of disconnect your Sky+ and swap the cable to the freesat hd+.

  137. Supercue says:

    I know the connectors for the LNB and freesat box are “F” type but is it also normal aerial cable or somethiing special? Thanks

  138. satandpcguy says:

    You use coax cable.
    This can be used for TV aerial or satellites.
    But there are various type and qualities of cable available.
    ome better than othres, the better the higher the cost.

  139. Supercue says:

    Thanks satanpcguy

  140. Katsura says:

    Hi, I am a current SKY HD+ customer, but have got a Panasonic HD Freesat TV – can I somehow, cancel SKY, use the Freesat TV torecieve HD channels and record onthe SKY box to watch later? I imagine I would have to pay SKY something, but I just wanted to know how to wore that up, and what SKYis likely to ask for inpayment to use the SKY HD + box to record on.
    Thanks for any answers!

  141. Dorian says:

    If this has been asked before sorry but here is my question.
    We have a sky quad dish and from the sky box I have running to my room a sky link,the switchover people have put my mother a freesat in her room .

    What I would like to know is would it be possible for me to have freesat and keep the sky link to work together on one tv or video and if so what would I need. any help please.

  142. satandpcguy says:

    You must subscribe to Sky to use their recording functions on their boxes (min 19.50 per month)

    A Sky box will only record a feed from the cables only, and not from an external source like a freesat receiver.

    If your TV does not have recording abilities, then you may have to look at a Freesat HD PVR like the Humax Freesat HD+, which is able to record with no monthly payments.

  143. satandpcguy says:

    If you already have Sky feeding a TV, why do you want Freesat also? Sky has all the channels that Freesat has (unelss you want Freesat HD)

    Anyway, I gather your Skylink is connecting to the TV via a Coax cable, so a new Freesat box would connect to the TV via SCART or HDMI. So Yes you can use both on the same TV.

    If your skylink is connect to the TV via scart,, then connect the freesat box to the TVs second scart. If your TV does not have 2 scart connections, then buy a SCART multiplug box.

  144. dorian says:

    Many thanks satandpcguy for your reply I will try that out thanks again for replying and takeing the time to do so.

  145. Heidi says:


    I have an old, redundant standard Sky box, which I’d like to put to good use by connecting to my sons bedroom via a dish that’s already in place. I’ve tested it already but it seems I’m missing channels like CH5, ITV etc. What’s the best way to be able to use this box, if at all, without a viewing card? Would I have to retune channels manually? Or would I be better off just buying a new freesat receiver?

    Many thanks in advance

  146. john pashley says:

    i have just canceled my sky tv and like to know if you can recommended i good free sat boy for my sky disth my wife is spanish and i would like to get some Spanish channels for her hope you can help.

  147. satandpcguy says:

    Heidi: Some channels on a Sky box do require a viewing card to watch. But it also depends on how old the box is and if its software is up to date.

  148. satandpcguy says:

    john pashley: there are not a lot of Spanish channels available for free (ie with no subscription) – for examplele Telemadrid Sat, Andalucia TV, TV 3 Cat.

    If you are in the UK and want the main Spnish channels then you will be looking at a Digital+ (the Spnish satellite TV service) subscription, which carrys them. And you would have to have a dish pointing towards Aara 1 at 19 east, which is a different satellite to where the UK Sky TV comes from.

  149. nick carr says:


    I have an old skydish from the previous tennant on my house and have just bought a Humax Freesat recorder, I have plugged in the cables from the dish (I believe it has a quad lnb as there are 2 cables to the living room and 2 to the bedroom) the problem is the Humax box cannot detect the cable connected to it and cannot detect any channels on any frequency??

    Any help on this would be appreciated.


  150. satandpcguy says:

    a few things to check:
    are the cables connected correctly?
    are there any breaks in the cable that you can see|?
    the lnb may be damaged?
    a port or two in the lnb may be damaged – does the same thing happen if you try the box in the bedroom?
    the dish may not be aligned correctly – it may not even be on the “sky tv” satellites.

  151. Fay says:

    hello Ive lived in the historic centre of Florence for 3 years and I bought A huge i metre wide satelite dish which is connected to my Humax freesat The first yaer it was ok and disturbances would start at 10 3pm then last yaer it started the disturbances at 7 30pm for about 2 hours so I was able to watch newsnight Thank goodness but recently its started to go off completely at 6 3o pm for all uk terrestial channels ( i dont have Italian tv Im not interested in a long list of channels just the 4 main ones It works ok in the morning and the afternoon then 6 30pm !!!!! please can anyone suggest anything THANKYOU fay

  152. satandpcguy says:

    A few things to check:
    dish alignment, the smallest movement will cause signal loss.
    LNB – performance of these does deteriorate over time.
    perhaps your 1m dish is no longer big enough to receive the channels, as it was operating on the edge of its reception in the first place.

  153. Fay says:

    Hi Thankyou for that Ill get it checked but why does it work all day fine and then at 6 30pm break up and turn off? I know that the weather can affect it from the north but this first started wirth 10 30pm disturbance then 7 30 and now 6 30pm mmmm I don think there is a dish bigger then 1 metre wide is there ? and it proboly would be allowed on the roof ! its already very big But thankyou for replying Ill get it checked again Happy new year Fay Forgive me but what is LNB !

  154. satandpcguy says:

    Fay: if dishes are not aligned properly, or have been knocked around in winds, then their reception drops off, as they will no longer be aligned to the satellite correctly.. Dishes can be more than 1m – i think in Greece 4m satellite dishes are the norm, where I am 1.8m and 2.4m satellites dishes are the norm. LNB – Low Noise Block – the “eye” at the end of the “stalk” that “collects” the signal.

  155. Fay says:

    mmmmmmm I SEE !!! she says !! I have a friend trying to find an Antenaeista for me as its now going off at 5 30pm !!! and im not a day time TV watcher Thankyou for the encouragemnet ands info Ill let you know as asap that ive found the solution Life without Newsnight is unbeaarble !! Thankyou for letting me know what LNB is !

  156. geoff mcmahon says:

    i have moved into a new house with a dish with 2 sky + cables attached the first 1 i have used for sky in my living room can i use the second cable and split one end into two single cables and use them in older sky boxes in two seperate bedrooms

  157. phil lewis says:

    hi have just bought a freesat recorder and have got an old sky mini dish which has only one lnb cable. have a good picture on all channels but when i try to record it says no satalite signal to record.is it the lnb if so can anyone tell me which one i need .
    many thanks phil

  158. marie says:

    i have just moved house,and there is a satellite dish on the wall I would like to get freesat but dont know wether the sat dish is working or not,how do i find this out please..

  159. Jon says:

    geoff: ideally each receiver, or each input on each receiver, should have its own cable feed from the LNB. If you do not then this will cause problems, especailly if the two “split cable” receivers are wanting to watch channels on two different frequencies polarisations (ie vertical and horizontal) …the cable will only handle one frequency polarisation at a time, so receivers may not show the desired channels as they will both be competeing for frequencies over the same cable.

  160. Jon says:

    phil: most freesat PVRs are able to detect if one cable is being used or not. I suspect that your reeciver still thinks it has two cables attached. YOu will have to perofrm a Freesat scan and ensure the receiver konws that onel one cable is bieng used.
    Or option2: buy a twon output LNB and run a second cable from that to the receiver
    Or Option 3: if your receiver has a loop out, connect a small cable from that loop out to the input 2.

  161. Jon says:

    marie: either attach your receiver to the cable / dish and see if it works or contact someone to chaeck it out for you.