Currently still the most popular way of connecting a satellite or Freeview / DTT receiver to the TV is via SCART cable. These are big bulky cables that have 21 pins and cables to separate the components of the picture and audio.

Some people buy GOLD PLATED SCART cables. Supposedly, gold plated SCART cables have an advantage over normal SCART cables, by having superior picture quality, due to having a better connection.

However, someone once made me think about the impact of gold plated SCART cables with the following analogy.

“Using a gold played USB cable between your PC and printer does not make the picture the printer prints better. The quality of the picture is down to the quality of the image received, and the quality of the printer.”

So it makes you think if gold plated SCART cables are actually worthwhile.

Of course as more and more people start to use high definition Freesat and Sky receivers, the SCART cable is being replaced by the HD compliant HDMI and 5 component cables, as SCART cables are not able to send the HD signals.

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