Freesat is a digital satellite television system that is able to receive free to air satellite TV channels.
But, not all free to air TV channels are available by the Freesat Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). For example, Sky News is a free to air channel, but is not available on the actual Freesat EPG channel list.
Channels have to pay to be included on the Freesat EPG, but apparently with thanks to various rules and laws, all receivers have to have the ability to receive ALL free to air channels.

This mean you can actually expand the number of channels from the “official” 160 or so channel to the over 200 channels that are actually being transmitted form the satellites. OK, not all of them are popular channels, with many texting, gaming and “girls on sofa” channels, but there are one or two that can be enjoyable.

Most Freesat receiver have to modes: Freesat and Non Freesat mode.
In Freesat mode the EPG carries the channels that have paid to be on the Freesat EPG.
In Non Freesat mode you will have access to ALL free to air channels.

To access the Non Freesat mode on many Freesat receivers, you simply perform a manual scan from the installation page in the menu system. The receiver will then scan all available free to air channels on the satellite.
When completed, in the Options / Setting menu screen, you will have a new option “Set Top Box Mode” which you can change.
Changing this option changes the EPG from Freesat to Non Freesat mode, and you will now have in effect TWO channel lists, the official Freesat channel list, and then the ALL free top air channels list.
Note that the Freesat channel list starts at channel number 100 and is generally a three digit channel number, whereas the non Freesat mode channel list starts at number 5000, and is a four digit number, easily helping you identify which list you are using!

40 Responses to “Non Freesat Channels…get more channels from your Freesat Box”

  1. rexmedorum says:

    It doesn’t seem so easy. My box only has a manual tune option and the manual states that the frequencies ‘can be found online’.
    I really struggle to find them though!

  2. satandpcguy says:

    Here is a site with all the free to air channels, and frequencies available on the UK TV satellites for you tune try and manual tune.

    I think the Grundig freesat boxes dont have automatic “non freesat mode” tuning…but the Humax Freesat boxes definately do.

  3. Lostinsatspace says:

    I too am having problems reprogramming my freesat box to accept all FTA – also I have been informed that 5USA, Dave and the like should be available but still no frequency is listed. Anyone any help on this matter?

  4. satandpcguy says:

    Lostinsatspace: Dave and 5 USA are not curently available on Freesat.
    5 USA is “free to view” and require a Sky box and a “freesatfromsky” card, which is s nonsubscription card. Dave is a Sky subscription channel.

    The chanenls you mention ARE on Freeview, the UKs digital TERRESTRIAL Tv system, ie TV via a TV aerial.

  5. Marc says:

    Hi, do you know how come Freesat from Sky has more channels available than Freesat itself, is it purely down to the ‘paying to be included on the Freesat EPG’ that you mentioned in your post? Thanks.

  6. JayDot says:

    Thanks, satandpcguy. We have a Grundig Freesat box, so you’ve cleared up the mystery for me.

  7. satandpcguy says:

    Marc:Freesat has access to the free to air channels.
    Freesat from Sky has access to the free to air channels (the same as freesat), but also to the free to view channels (like Fiver and Five USA, Motors TV and a few others).
    So Freesat fromsky will ahave access t bout 10 more channels that ANY freesat receiver.

    But if you mean why Freesat does not have all free to air chanenls on the Freesat EPG, then it is all down to certain channels not wanting to pay to be on the Freesat EPG. Many of those channels have very small and limited budgets, so may not be able to spend money on getting a prominant place on a “less popular” EPG. And more so when just about all Freesat boxes have “non freesat” mode and can access those free to air channels why pay for a slot on an EPG on a Freesat box, when you can get onthe reesat box for free…

  8. Jill says:

    I have a freesat aeriel but cannot get all the channels on the TV Listings for freesat, ie. CBS Drama, CBS Reality. Can I have thes channels, do I need a box to get them or isn’t mine tuned in correctly?

  9. satandpcguy says:

    Freesat comes from satellite, not an aerial.
    You cannot receive Freesat with a TV aerial.
    The name of the service via a TV aerial is Freeview.
    There are channel on Freeview that are PAY on satellite.
    There are channel on Freesat that are not on Freeview.
    So the first thing is to determine which system you have Freesat or Freeview.
    If you have Freesat, CBSs are on freesat channel numbers: 134, 135,136,137.

  10. Marian says:

    Come on, let’s be honest.
    Freeview has a lot more channels – that most people want to watch – than Freesat.
    If I lived in an area where I could get a Freeview signal, I would not consider any other option.
    My questions are:
    As I pay for a TV Licence, why can’t I get a Freeview signal in my area?
    When, if ever, will Freesat catch up with Freeview for coverage of mainstream – as opposed to ‘obscure’/limited interests – channels?

  11. satandpcguy says:

    Freesat has over 115 channels on its EPG
    It can, in nonfreesat mode receive over 250 channels.
    Freeview has about 50 tv and radio channels.

    The only channels that are on Freeview that are no on Freesat are: Five*, Five USA, Pick, Yesterday, Dave, Challenge and Quests.
    Some of those are available free on “freesatfromsky” – no subscription requried.
    The latter 4 are subscription on Satellite.
    Its up to the channel operators if they want to go onto Freeview or not…

    Freeview transmitters do not cover the whole of the UK…which is why freesat was created, to “fill in the gaps”, so that every one has the main digital channels for free.

  12. Ed says:

    I have recently bought a Humax Foxsat HDR. Humax told me, I would be able to receive streams, as I did with my old receiver. But I can not. I have tuned Freesat channels, as well as all FTA channel, but only two streams have been found, BBC streams are missing. Has anybody any idea how I can receive streams – as separate channels to watch – on my Foxsat? I have not found how I can really manually (i.e. by specifying frequency etc.) tune the receiver. Thanks.

  13. satandpcguy says:

    On a Freesat box, you access the “sport streams” by going to a BBC channel, press Red to launch the red button application, and select the option you want.

    The option may be just “sports multiscreen”, but also things like “Live Tennis”, or “Live F1”, for example.

    Of you can oput your freesat box into non freesat mode, and do a scan and it will pick them up.

  14. Anshan says:

    I recently got a Gooodman GFSAT101SD SD digital box. I have set up the system and all seems to be well.
    How can I see non -freestat channels?
    In simple language – what do I need to do?
    Does anyone have idiot- proof answers for a complete novice/idiot like me?

  15. satandpcguy says:

    Anshan: Page 13 of the user manual tells you how.

  16. rob dev says:

    Living in London my Freeview box picks up 91 channels!? Soon will be installing a dvb-s card in my PC that will give me an even greater choice.

  17. satandpcguy says:

    SAtellite will pretty much get you more channels than Freeview, as the capacity on satellite is a lot greater than the terrestrial masts.

  18. stewart barnett says:

    why can i not receive bbc east midlands on free sat,i can receive all the other local bbc channels .Have they moved the channel?

  19. satandpcguy says:

    stewart barnett: BBC East Midlands will either be on Freesat channel 101 or Freesat channel 952 (if you have another BB1 region on 101)
    There has been no change in BBC1EM frequency for over a year.

  20. steve lewis says:

    Is there a list of what channels you can receive in non freesat mode with their channel number . eg 5184 music india ,5001 bbc news.

  21. john pugh says:

    I have a bush freesat sd which I use in my bedroom and caravan.this week I couldnt
    get any of the 5 channels in my caravan,I brought it home,re-tuned it and got the 5s
    but cant get channel 4 or the welsh (I think) channel 110, whats gone wrong?

  22. satandpcguy says:

    steve: the channel numbers on non freesat mode are in the order that the channels were found – in the order of the transponder / frequencies that were scanned. The channel numbers in nonfreesat mode are not set in stone, and may / will differ for different people.

  23. satandpcguy says:

    john pugh: the channel fives changed frequency back in December, and recently that last remaining region of Five moved from Astra 2d to the same frequency as the other fives – as mentioned
    So you will have had to rescan to get Five back on 105 under its new frequency.

    Channel 4 should be on 104 – or S4C on 104 if you use a welsh postcode.

    110 is BBC Alba – this moved frequencies about October I think.

    If channel are missing, then I suggest a Freesat rescan…as that will seach for all the channels that are on the Freesat channel list for the postcode you have entered.

  24. john pugh says:

    thanks satandpcguy for quick reply I have tried a first time install but no luck, had the box a couple of years no problem so cant understand why this has happened.
    can I do a manual tune for 4? if so what frequency do i use?

  25. satandpcguy says:

    john pugh: C4 is on freq 10714 H 22 5/6.
    This will be the same frequency used during the Freesat scan.

    So is C4 on 104 the only channel you are missing – as that would be very strange? Are you also missing BBC2 England on 102 – as thta is on a similar frequency to C4 – and so if C4 is missing then BBC2 England will also be missing

  26. john pugh says:

    Hi satandpcguy I had a look at my connections , I have a t-piece from my wall socket 1to a humax in the living room, and the other to the bush box in the bedroom. I know I can’t run both together, so I only use one at a time. I disconnected the humax, and the bush works ok. I can’t have two cables from the dish as I live in a block of flats with a communal dish. Many thanks for the advice

  27. satandpcguy says:

    john pugh: that good to hear. yes a t connection is not a good idea, as the reciever connected will both be fighting for use of the LNB. If the receivers are looking at different frequencies or polarisation, then channels will be not be available.

  28. Cary says:

    I have a Goodmans box. I lost ‘Body in Balance’ from Non Freesat last year but found it again on another frequency but not for long. That too vanished.

    Satandpcguy’s comments are the clearest I have ever read and I gather that ‘Body in Balance’ doesn’t want to pay a fee to be listed on Non Freesat. Please could that be confirmed and that the only remedy to view ‘Body in Balance’ is to change the box for a Sky Box where I know it to be viewable. Many thanks

  29. satandpcguy says:

    Cary: Body in Balance is no longer available on UK satellite TV. It ceased broadcasting on UK TV last week.

  30. Cary says:

    Thank you so much for the super-quick reply!

    Disappointing, but at least armed with this knowledge I can give up my constant negative search to install this channel.


  31. Janine says:

    I have a goodmans gfsat101sd. I installed everything a couple of weeks ago with all channels including non freesat working fine. I have since lost a number of channels. I have run a first time install several times since but this has not sorted the problem. Could this be because it can no longer find my postcode?

  32. satandpcguy says:

    Without knowing what channels you have lost then no one can really help you out. Perhaps the channels are no longer broadcasting – Press tv and Body In balance are just two that have stopped recently. As for postcodes, that is only to determine which regions you get on 101, 102, 103, 104, and 105. And postcodes do not affect channels in nonfreesat mode. nonfreesat mode scans all available frequencies for all available free to air channels. If the free to air channels are not in that nonfreesat mode list, then those channels no longer broadcast.

    Unfortunatley without more information from you about which channels you are having issues with there is little anyone can do for you.

  33. Robert says:

    If you dont want the local bbc/ itv regions where you live – is it possible to enter a postcode for the area you do want ?

    Do you automatically get itv1 london + 1 other itv station depending on the postcode you enter?

    I have a Humax Foxsat PVR which will be connected when dish installed shortly.Impressed by your detailed answers to the other queries so hope you can help ..

  34. satandpcguy says:

    Robert: Changing the postcode on a Freesat box will determine which BBC, ITV C4 and Five regions you are allocated on 101, 102, 103, 104 and 105.
    You will find that all BBC regions are already available via the programme guide, and the only difference for 104 and 105 are adverts. So its only really required for whcih ITV1 region you are allocated on 103.
    So if you want ITV1 Granada on 103, then enter a postcode from Manchester or Liverpool.
    Not all ITV1 regions have their own “+1” service. There are only about 6 ITV1+1 services. So it may be that for the regions you are in you may well be allocated ITV1+1 London.

  35. Claude-May says:

    We have a very old Sky box 15+ years I think (Panasonic 1.2.0) and have recently stopped our Sky package but have been receiving the free to air channels on this.

    However we now seem to have lost a number of channels (it says “No satellite signal is being received”) a lot of them are BBC ones: 101, 102, 104, 105, 139, 146, 147, 148, (149 is OK!), 157 is only available by going to 158 and then back to 157), 174, 175, 176, 177, 179, 180 only available by going to 183 and then back), 503 is only available sometimes – depending what you were watching last. Help! Do you think that the dish has been moved somehow?

  36. Gordon Reeves says:

    It works fine with my Freesat Box. I always knew I could use it to receive non-Freesat channels. Thank you so much for letting us know exactly how to access them.

  37. satandpcguy says:

    Claude-May: could be a number of things causing these problems: dish alignment, poor or old LNB, poor cabling, water in the cable, and maybe your receiver is on its last legs. You could borrow another receiver from a freind to see if that works on your system

  38. Robert says:

    Many thanks,

    entered required postcode for itv station I wanted ..

    As you said channel 103 came up ..


    A satisfied Customer

  39. Clive says:

    Hi, I have a Grundig GUFSAT02SD box. Do you know if I can get the non freesat mode on this device and if so how do I do it? I am new to freesat and would appreciate any help. Thanks

  40. Jon says:

    PAge 10,11, and 13 of your user manual describes how you can add non freeesat channel. You go to the add manual channels from the menu. From there you select the frequency you want to scan. It looks like this reciever does not do a full scan, like other receivers, and you must scan frequencies manually.