Whenever you are installing a satellite dish it is essential that your support it installed not only on a good strong wall or bracket, but that the support post is also vertical.

This is especially important if you are want to have a motorised dish system.

For motorised dish systems, a 100% vertical pole is essential so the movement of the dish by the motor is accurate when tracking the satellites. If the support is not vertical then not only does it make it harder to align the dish in the first place, but when the dish moves you will not get the full range of satellites from the dish due to the movement of the dish not being in sync with the “satellite arc” or “Clarkes belt” where the main TV satellites are located.

And also be aware of any obstacles in the area that may affect the signal reaching the dish, or that the dish can hit when it is in motion. I have been to one installation where the dish was installed but when moving the dish, the edge of the dish scraped against a wall!

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