Universal Satellites Automatic Location System (USALS), and also known (unofficially) as DiSEqC 1.3, Go X, can be used with motorised satellite dishes. Using the longitude and latitude of the satellite dish, USALS can calculate the position of the various satellites, and move the dish to the desired satellite.

As long as the dish is installed correctly, and the users longitude and latitudes are input into the receiver, then the receiver does all the work and makes moving the satellite dish / motor to the desired satellite simple.

I personally still like to manually move the satellite dish, as I sometimes find USALS does not always locate the exact direction, meaning it does not always locate the strongest signal, and the dish just needs a nudge to the left or right for the best signal. This may just be the receivers I am using, but sometimes it is just a bit more of a challenge to be able to locate a satellites best signal on your own, looking for channels, rather than leave it to the receiver.

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