Just found a neat trick on the newer Sky HD boxes from Amstrad.

Where are most other Sky boxes have just two power modes, on or standby, the Amstrads have three!
The modes the boxes are in are shown by the colour of the light on the front of the box.

Red: Powered Down
Amber: Standby mode
Green: On.

If in Standby mode, and you turn on the box, the box is pretty much ready to go.
If in Red Powered down mode, then the box is like it has been disconnected from the power, so may take a minute or so to power up and get working.

I am assuming that the box will still record “planned recordings” if in “Off” mode, or does ont allow you to put the box in “Off” mode if you have planned recordings.

Apparently this is to do with some EU Directive that says all electrical equipment that is not being used must use under so many watts.

Hence the need for an “off” button on the boxes.

You put the box into “Off” mode by pressing the On / OFF button on the Sky remote control for a few seconds longer than you would if you were just putting the box into Standby mode.

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