The holiday season is starting to get under way, meaning many people will be travelling around France and Spain and Europe in their caravans and motorhomes.

Many of them will take a small satellite dish with them, like a 60cm or 80cm dish, and spend a fair number of hours with their beeper unit and adjusting the satellite and trying to find the UK TV satellites, Astra 2a, Astra 2b, Astra 2d, and Eurobird 1.

Well the further south you go in Europe reception of some channels will get harder and require a bigger dish, but many people just want a bit of news, just to keep them in touch with the world.

As many campsites have WiFI available, then using a satellite location tool like Dishpointer will certainly help in locating the correct satellites quickly.

Not only is there this version but you can also get a version for your phone – an iPhone App or Android version.

This tool has been very useful, and is well known by many caravanners and motorhomers, but can also be used for the DIY enthusiast also who wants to install his own satellite dish.

“I put my post code in and the result was almost instant.” –

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