It is always a good idea to keep an check on the condition of your LNB – the signal receiver located on the arms on the front of the dish.

Firstly, ensure that the plastic cover is still intact. If it is not, then an water, like rain, can enter the LNB and cause a short in the system. It can also allow insects and debris to enter the LNB, again not a good idea.

Secondly, also ensure that the connection between the LNB and the cabling is also protected. Many times I have been to satellite dishes to see this connection left exposed to the elements. I even heard an installer from a rival company saying they do this as they know they can charge for a callout to repair the damaged LNB!

Many LNBs come with rubber “boots” to cover the connection; some LNBs have a small plastic pull down cover, all to protect that cable connection.

One Response to “A few things to look out for on your LNB”

  1. Ed says:

    Curious as I am, I have recently removed the plastic cover from an LNB. I found a hermetically sealed cast metal housing. The only possible cause for problems to me, seems moisture at the connector causing corrsosion and entering into the cable.