It has been announced that the BBC will be showing their first 3D programme soon. The men’s and women’s finals at Wimbledon will be shot and shown in 3D.

Probably as a result of them changing the transmission standard earlier this month, has meant freeing up more capacity on the UK TV satellites, allowing them to do this.

The two Wimbledon finals will be shows on the BBC HD channel.

The BBC HD channel is available on Freesat HD, Sky HD and even on Freeview HD.

But I wonder why only the finals are being shown to UK viewers in 3D? The equipment will be set up for the whole fortnight, and I am sure that other European broadcasters will take a 3D feed for the whole fortnight. Perhaps the BBC are concerned that at the moment only a small percentage of the UK population actually has a 3D TV. But by providing this extra service to other European broadcasters they can get more revenue from those broadcasters to offset the cost of the service.

At least one benefit on satellite of this change in transmission from DVBS to DVBS2 has been the increase in bitrate for the BBC HD channel. This increase in bitrate increases the amount of data, and so has resulted in a “high” high definition picture than previously.

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