When fitting a new LNB to your satellite dish, you need to make sure the skew is correct.

This skew is the rotation angle of the LNB. And is very critical, and can be the difference between receiving channels or not. In some fringe reception areas, like Spain, and southern France, this LNB skew is very critical, and even the smallest amount of change in skew can make channel reception better.

The skew will be determined by a variety of factors, such as which satellite you want to receiver, are they “east” or “west” satellites, your location. The farther away the satellites are from “due south” the greater the LNB skew will be.

Many Sky TV satellite dishes and LNBs used in the UK come with the LNB skews set at the correct angle already.

But other dishes, or caravan or motorhome users, may have to set theirs manually. There are some channels, such as Sky Sports News, that are very LNB skew sensitive, so you can use the reception of this channel as a guide to the best skew angle.

The http://www.dishpointer.com tool helps give an LNB skew angle, although very small adjustments to this angle will be required.

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