In the past week or so the BBC have been moving some of their channels around their frequencies as part of a cost cutting / expediture saving programme, as mentioned in a previous blog

As part of these changes BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament have moved to other BBC frequencies.

This should not have affected Sky box or Freesat box users, as the channel information on their Electronic programme guide (EPG) should have automatically updated to the new frequencies.

However, if you are using another type of digital satellite receiver, then you wil have to manually add the channels to your channel list. If you do not do this then the receivers will still be looking at the old frequency and will be unable to receive those three BBC channels.

As there are so many different receivers around, it is impossible to mention how to add the channels on their new frequencies to each receiver.

However, in general, you have to go to the main menu, and the installation menu, and scan the relevant frequency / transponder.

BBC News transponder 47 10.80275 GHz horizontal 22000 5/6)
BBC Parliament transponder 46 (10.78800 GHz Vertical 22000 5/6)
BBC ALBA transponder 48 (10.81750 GHz vertical 22000 5/6)

Another impact of this change of BBC frequencies could affect motorhome users who have a self seeking satellite dish system. These systems automatically move the dish looking for one frequency to lock onto. I have been hearing that since these BBC TV frequency changes some systems have been having difficulties in locking onto the UK Astra 2 group of satellites, as it can no longer find the frequency it has been programmed to find. This mabe be resolved by getting the system to look for another frequency instead…there are plenty of frequencies to choose from!

4 Responses to “Lost BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament? Help and advice here”

  1. azelia says:

    I live in Italy, with my account in the uk. Using this same tecqnique I have found Ch4 etc, but cannot seem to manage the same for BBC24. On my frequency I can only enter a limted number of numbers – ie 10.802 – I cant get in 10.80275.
    I have put the other info in. But the message no signal found comes up.
    Any thoughts?

  2. satandpcguy says:

    you can enter 10.802 h and it will, if your dish is big enough, be able toreceive that frequency.
    Note that you will only be able to receive BBC News if you can receive BBC2 England, they are now on similar frequencies.

  3. Paul Nelson says:

    Pace D2600, location Perugia, central Italy.
    Weeks now since BBC News & BBC Parliament ceased:
    Have attempted every frequency and suggestion seen to no avail.
    I cannot be alone – does everyone assume the changes took place?
    Can someone state a true state-of-the-art for recovery possibilities?
    Thanks to all read this…
    Paul N

  4. satandpcguy says:

    Paul Nelson:
    if ytou cannot get BBC NEws on 503, then your dish is not big enough to receive that channel where you are.
    BBC News is only on one frequency and one frequency only – that used for Sky Channel 503.
    Inputting any other frequency will not help – bbc news is only on one frequency – the same one used for sky channel 503.
    If you want to receive bbc news again, invest in a much bigger dish, or move!