A SkyHD+ digibox offers a lot more than just watching TV channels “live”.

The Anytime service downloads a selection of programmes available across the Sky channels. These are stored on the hard drive and are available for you to view via the Anytime option in your planner. The programmes are made available for a short time,, and replaced with others that are automatically downloaded.

One of the problems with Sky Anytime, is that it downloads programmes on channels that you have not subscribed to. So it may download and show in the Anytime menu programmes on Sky Sports, even though you do not subscribe to Sky Sports. Well that is not so much of an issue, as after all I suppose it is just a marketing option to try and get you to see what you are missing on their other channels.

However, the main issue was that the Anytime service downloaded many of the programmes for the Sky HD channels. This was an issue if you are not a subscriber to the Sky HD channel options, as you could not view the Anytime programmes. One week recently I saw that ALL downloaded Anytime programmes were only in HD.

However, Sky has listened and a recent software update has corrected this issue. So now, if you do not subscribe to the Sky HD package, then Anytime will not download any HD material, and you will only be offered the SD (standard definition) programmes.

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