Channel Five has said that they will soon be launching a “+1” timeshift version of their main channel. It is expected the channel will launch in the first week in December 2011, but no date has actually been confirmed as yet. They join other main UK TV channels ITV1 and C4 by having a “+1” service.

This leaves the BBC the only main UK TV channel not having a “+1” service. But it is really necessary. These days many people have access to personal video recorders, like Sky+ or Freesat+ or Freeview+, making recording any shows you may miss easier. Also, many people in the UK can access missed programmes via internet and internet connected set top boxes via the BBC IPlayer.

And then , if the BBC do decide to have a “+1” service for their channels, then you can probably expect the “anti BBC” brigade, led by the Daily Mail, in complaining about there being too many repeats on BBC channels and not getting the idea of a “+1” catchup channel!

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