Having only been available via the internet and on Freesat boxes, the BBCIplayer and ITVPlayer services will soon be made available on Sky+HD boxes.

These Iplayer services retrieved their data from an ADSL / broadband connection, and not via satellite. This allows the services to be “on demand”, without having to wait for them to download to the hard drive, like the current Sky Anytime services.

This is in addition to the current Sky Anytime+, which already offers a range of Sky subscription channel programmes “on demand”.

Just like the internet versions of these Iplayers, they will not be available to users outside the UKL and ROI, due to internet IP blocking technology.

Although, with many channels having a “+1” catch up service, or repeating programmes throughout the week – miss X Factor on a Saturday, its repeated almost every day on ITV2 – are “video on demand” services really needed? I suppose it’s good for catching up on programmes that you may have missed, and you feel left out when all your friends are talking about it…but then would you just watch the first episode of the one you missed, and then make a note to set your Sky+ to record it for you?

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