A few weeks ago, some ITV1 channels changed satellites and so their reception in fringe aras of the signal hsa been made worse (http://www.uksatellitehelp.co.uk/2011/12/12/recent-loss-of-itv1-centrals-in-greece-and-the-spanish-canary-islands/)

In the last week, most of the other ITV1 regions, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 channels aslo moved from Astra 2D to Asta 1N. As did channels operated by Channel 4: E4, More4, Film4.

As Astra 1N has a tigher footprint than Astra 2D, this has meant that many people in fringe reception areas like Greece and Cyprus have been unable to receive these channels.

Some alternatives are to used C4HD, which is free to air, or subscribe to SkyHD and receive ITV2HD, ITV3HD, and ITV4HD.

In other areas of Europe, such as Spain, this has mean that channels that were usually only available on large 2.4m satelite dishes, are now available on much smaller 80cm to 1m satellite dishes. This is due to Astra 1Ns signal footprint being more generous in these areas.

However, with the launches of three new satellites, Astra 2e, 2f, and 2g in the next few years, it is pretty certain than there will be some more reception changes affecting these fringe recpeiton areas.

3 Responses to “More UK TV Satellite changes affecting fringe areas like Cyprus”

  1. yorkie says:

    can anyone tell me when the astra 2e,2f and 2g satellites are up is the signal going to be worse or better in the cyprus area

  2. yorkie says:

    can anyone tell me when the new satelites go up is the signal going to be better or worse in the cyprus area

  3. satandpcguy says:

    Astra 2F : Quarter 4 2012
    Astra 2E : Quarter 2 2013
    Astra 2G : Quarter 1 2014
    They have a number of beams, from “spot” to “wide”, and the channels will be spread across those different beams.
    So reception of channels will depend on which beam that channel will be on.
    So you may find reception of some channels better, reception of other channels worse.