In the last few weeks, Sky have been rolling out a new look Sky HD EPG – Programme Guide.

This is currently only available to Sky HD and Sky+HD digiboxes badged as Sky and Amstrad.

The new style EPG offers are few basic tweaks and a few font changes that make the EPG look a bit sharper.

But one of the advantages affects the BBC “streams”.

For some Sky HD box users in fringe reception areas, like Greece, access to these BBC Interactive streams may not be possible. Usually they are only accessible if you have access to the Red Button on a BBC channel. With recent changes, many people no longer have access to BBC channels. However, it has been possible to add these “stream” channels to your Sky boxes “other channels” lists. However, SkyHD and Sky+HD users have not been able to access any audio on these streams – with no work around available.

However, with the new Sky HD EPG audio has now returned.

So if you want access to some BBC Sports interactive stream, you can add these to your “other channels” list on your Sky box by adding channels using frequency 11954 h 27.5 2/3 and storing the channels labelled 6710 – 6715.

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