Unless you have been living on another planet, then it cannot have escaped you that the London 2012 Olympics are about to start.

The BBC will be the main broadcaster for the games for the UK, and have cleared the scheduled of BBC1 and BBC1HD and BBC Three for the duration of the Olympics.

But don’t worry, as some of your favourite programmes can still be found on BBC2 during the course of the Olympics. Best to check your “planners” to make sure you don’t miss any recordings!

And if two full channels of the games were not enough, then if you are a satellite or cable user then you will also have access to 48 extra Olympic channels, 24 in Standard Definition and 24 in High Definition.

If you are a Freesat user, then your BBC Olympic channels can be found from Freesat channel 150.
If you are a Sky user, then your BBC Olympic channels can be found from Sky channel 450.
Also the BBC will be running a highlights show in BBC HD in 3D.

Coverage is also available on Eurosport and Eurosport HD. And Eurosport will be showing a number of live events on Eurosport 3D, available on Sky Channel 217.

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