There are growing rumours that sometime during the remainder of 2012, various catch up services from the main UK TV channels will eventually be available on Sky digiboxes.

Catch up TV services from BBC Iplayer, ITV Player, 4OD and 5 On Demand are said to be made available to Sky+HD box owners sometime in September or October 2012.

Sky+HD box owners with the new HD EPG and access to a ADSL / Broadband service will have access to these “on demand” and catch up services.

But will these services really take off.

Currently the BBC have no “+1” service for their channels – which will currently please the Daily Mail and their usual “too many repeats” on the BBC channels.

All other main channels have “+1” timeshift services, so if you miss a “live” programme or have a planner clash, then you can catch it an hour later.

And many of the programmes on ITV1, C4 and Five are repeated many times on their “sister channels” anyway. How many times can X Factor be repeated during a week – it is even repeated less than 24 hours after its ITV1 showing again on ITV1, and several times during the week on ITV2.

And with the personal video recorders like Freesat+ and Sky+, and their series link options, then it becomes harder to actually “miss” your favourite programmes.

I suppose that where these services will take off is a day or so later when people have said “did you see”, and you did not. Then you can trawl through the catch up services to see that “did you see” programme you missed and everyone else is talking about.

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