The BBC will be making some changes to its BBC HD transponder frequencies. The changes will be made during the early hours of 27 September 2012.

These changes are:
Changing the modulation from QPSK to 8PSK,
Changing the FEC from 8/9 FEC to 2/3.
The frequency and polarization will remain the same: 10847 V

Sky HD digibox an Freesat HD set top box users should not have to do anything as the changes should happen automatically. However, should BBC One HD and BBC HD channels not work after these changes have been applied, then a simple reboot of the receivers should correct the problem.

According to the BBC, these changes will allow more HD capacity and channels on the BBC HD transponder.

And this extra HD capacity will be used for the forthcoming launch of BBC One HD for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Personally I would prefer the extra capacity to be used for high definition versions of BBC2, BBC3 and BBC4. These channels are for the whole of the UK, rather than the 3 “country variations” which generally will show the same content as the BBC One HD England, with the exception of some regional programming.

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