In the few days, one of the currently satellites that is providing the UK with satellite TV, Astra 1N, will be replaced with the new and latest satellite Astra 2F. In fact as I type this, Astra 2F is almost in position at the UK TV “Slot” at 28.2 east.

Now the new Astra 2F satellite will not affect viewers in the UK. In fact viewers in the UK should notice no changes at all.

But in “fringe” reception areas, like south of France, Spain, and Italy, people may find that their reception of some UK TV channels will change. Especially of UK TV channels such as BBC ITV Channel 4 and Five.

This is because the Astra 2F satellite has a much more focussed “UK Beam” than the current satellite. As this UK beam will be more focused on the UK than the current beam, reception further way from the beams centre will become harder.

In some areas, reception may be regained by an increase in the size of satellite dish.

How hard reception will be, and the exact size of satellite dish required in these “fringe reception areas”, no-one will actually know until the channels are transferred and transmitting from the Astra 2F satellite.

But we will know in a day or so….

3 Responses to “Astra 2F satellite – new satellite for UK TV”

  1. marc says:

    Hi Jon,

    I live in the algarve, Portugal and receive freest via an lg lm620 s, as of Tuesday I have lost channels 4 HD and channel 5, also 5* 5 USA. I retain channel 4 SD and ITV 1 HD, BBC 1 HD and many others, were channel 4 SD e4, etc moved to the new UK satellite as well? Or just the HD channel?


  2. satandpcguy says:

    If you look at the next post:

    you will see details as to all the channels that were affected.

    Only C4HD and 4seven from Chanenl 4 were affected.

  3. marc says:

    Many thanks!