This Friday (30/11/12) SES posted the following on their “SES-Astra facebook page

“Services are currently being transferred onto Astra 2F, BBC (Tp 2.061) has been migrated to 2F whereas Channel 5 (Tp 2.057), ITV (Tp’s 2.059 and 2.063), and Channel 4 (Tp 2.068) will move to Astra 2F next Tuesday. This will then mark the completion of the transfer”.

Astra 2F is the new satellite, launched in September ( that will is the first stage in the SES Astra replacement programme of the existing 3 Astra satellites, Astra 2a, 2b, 1n, that currently provide UK satellite TV.

The statement above:

confirms that one frequency – 11.023 H, SR 23.000 FEC 2/3 DVB-S2 8PSK – has already been moved from Astra 1N to Astra 2F. This frequency has been carrying two “HD” channels, and its reception has been a monitor and a measure as to reception of Astra 2F “UK Spot” beam in Europe.

confirms that the frequencies and channels moving on Tuesday the 4th of December will be :

10.964 H SR 22.000 FEC 5/6 which carries Channel 5 , 5USA, 5* and Channel 5+1),

10.994 H SR 22.000 FEC 5/6 which carries ITV 1 Granada HD, ITV 1 Central South West SD, ITV 1 Anglia West SD, ITV 1 Meridian North SD, ITV 1 Yorkshire East SD, ITV 1+1 Yorkshire SD

11.052 H SR 22.000 FEC 5/6 which carries ITV 1 Central South SD, ITV 1 Central East SD, ITV 1+1 Wales SD, ITV 1+1 Westcountry SD, ITV 1+1 Tyne Tees SD

and 11.126 V SR 22.000 FEC 5/6 which carries Channel 4 HD and 4Seven SD.

Most Sky box and Freesat users will not see any change or have to do anything. And most users in the UK will not notice any changes. Only users in the “fringe reception” areas of Europe may see a loss of reception of these channels.

But why only move a handful of channels? Perhaps Astra 2F does not carry the transponder / frequencies for all the other BBC ITV and C4 frequencies in use, and they will move in 2013, when Astra 2E is put into operation? Will Astra 2Es “UK Beam” be even harder to receive in Europe than Astra 2F’s? We can only wait and see….


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  1. John Brooksbank says:

    I live near Malaga and use freesat. Even if a 3m dish works the cost involved is about €3000!

    I have a good Internet connection both here and the uk so I will use a slingbox attached to my freesat in uk to watch tv. For those without this facility but have adsl in Spain then a VPN (this gives a uk IP address) will allow viewing of catch up TV like BBC iplayer.

    It’s a pity that this has come about at a time when expats really need some good news.

  2. David says:

    Hi satand pcguy – you are correct – but it was my error to say 5HD had gone.
    My 4 HD is OK during the day in sunny skies, but tails off at night

  3. satandpcguy says:

    John Brooksbank: No idea where the 3000 is from – that is a bit too excessive. A 2.4m dish should be about 1000-1250 euros to supply and install. Then the extention panels to make the 2.4m to 3.1m cost about 400-500euros. So would suggests your estimate is about 1000 euros too much – unless the installers in the area are starting to milk if for all its worth!!

  4. Julie says:

    Thanks again for the advice satandpcguy. I wonder, is there any way of narrowing down what the problem might be ie. cable or dish alignment or dish size? I’m now getting Channel 5, 5USA & 5* and their +1 channels after midnight and the picture is perfect, actually its better than before! In view of this, is it safe to say that its not a cable problem? Also, could we try realigning the dish ourselves or does it require special equipment?

  5. satandpcguy says:

    Julie: Again, Your channels are coming and going because either your dish is now too small to receive those signals where you are, your dish needs realigning, or you need a new / more powerful LNB.

    If you want to check its alignment, ideally use a proper satellite meter (100’s of euros!) – and not a cheap “beeper” unit which are not accurate enough. Or get an “installer” onthe island to come and check it out for you.

    It may also be your dish size. You have not said on any post what sized dish you have, or what sized dish your friends have that are able to recieve the channels. Of course if your friends have larger dishes than you their reception will be better. But I would not do anything about getting a bigger dish just yet, wait until the bulk of the chanenls (BBC ITVs) move mid 2013.

  6. satandpcguy says:

    julie – just seen you say you have a 1m or 1.2m dish – so if your friends have the same sized dish, and their reception is better than yours, then get the dish alignment checked first

    Also, new LNBs are better than older LNBs, so if you want to compare to your friends, make sure the LNBs are the same.

    But I have seen reports from the north of mallorca (alcudia) that even 1.3m (maybe these ar really 1.25×1.35m) dishes not getting these signals on a reliable basis,.

    So to narrowdown what the problem might be, it may simply be down to your dish is too small to get these signals.

  7. yorkie says:

    can anyone tell me if the sky signals have changed. We have had lots of rain in Turkey and can only get men and motors on a humax box now

  8. satandpcguy says:

    No reports of any changes, apart from the ones on the 4th December.

  9. Julie says:

    Thanks again satandpcguy. I’ll check with friends to see what size their dish is. The quad LNB to the Humax box was fitted May 2009 so maybe there are better ones now. Is there an easy way to find out what my/their LNB cable is? As mentioned before, the only label I can find is on one of the 3 cables going into the back of the Humax box, it says Coaxial Cable RG-59/u.

  10. pedro says:

    Well, I’d like to give an advice to people who are thinking about buying a bigger dish which would cost a lot of money (at least for me because we live in fringe areas and the dish needed would cost a lot), to think if it’s really worth it.
    For me, even if I had the money (well, in fact I have the money for a bigger dish but I also have to eat everyday, you know? so I’ve made my choice)
    Another thing, if it rains a little I don’t think you would be able to watch anything. So I think you should have that in mind if you live in a place with lots of rain, because I think that the size they are recommending is for nice wheather. ¿Am I wrong?
    And I think you should know that we will “only” lose the main channels. And you also have access to the original version of a lot of programms in the Digital Terrestrial Television of the country you’re living, and that means a lot of english (also british) programs.
    Bye and thank you for all the information I’ve received in the last few days.

  11. Jose says:

    For Julie and Satandpcguy
    For your information: I live in Menorca and have lost Channel 5, 5 USA etc.
    I use a 1,35 mts dish, an offset model, and there is no way to get these channels back. I’ve checked and tried to re-align the dish but without success. I am afraid the only solution to the problem will be a bigger dish; someone in Mallorca gets the Channels using a 1,65 dish.

  12. pedro says:

    Jose: Well, I’m not an expert but I really think that if with a 1,35m dish don’t get these channels at all (or do you have any signal?), a dish 0.30m bigger won’t make much difference. And think about the bad weather.

  13. satandpcguy says:

    Also, as I posted earlier, dish sizes, especially in Spain, are exaggerated to the largest measurement- makes it sound like you are getting more dish for your money!

    for example a 1.9m dish is in fact 1.8mx1.8m – when you, correctly, not include the outer rims.

    and you may find a 1.35m dish in Spain is actually a 1.25m dish when measured correctly horizontally and not vertically.

    So be careful with your dish sizes and measurements.

  14. pedro says:

    Yeah, that’s true satandpcguy. Althogh I would have thought that would be the case everywhere in the world (not only in Spain!).
    In any case, the best course of action is to wait until next year when the astra 2e carries all the channels now on the 1N. Because then things could be the same, better, or (I hope not)worse than right now. Only time will tell.

  15. pedro says:

    And by the way, what would happen if worst comes to worst and the Astra 2E footprint is even smaller ( I mean more difficult to reach for the fringe areas) and the channels now carried by the 2F are moved to the new satellite for some strange reason leaving the 2F for other purposes? Well, it would happen that you would have waisted your hard earned money for nothing and you would get very, very angry. ¿Could that be a possibility or I’m being paranoid satandpcguy?

  16. satandpcguy says:

    Yes, it could be possible that they use 2Fs UK beams as a “starter”, and, based on reception reports around europe, use it as a basis to “fine tune” 2e uk beam… depending how far alone 2e’s construction is…

    just heard a date of june 13the for 2Es launch..

  17. Dave says:

    Ilive in fuerteventura we have lost all itv & bbc + c4 & c5 on a 1.5m dish is there anything we can do to get them back i have got a sky hd box.
    Thanks for all your help & advice if you have any.


  18. satandpcguy says:

    Dave: solution is bigger dish – but what sized dish is required is not yet 100% certian, nor it is certian that a bigger dish today will be able to receive the BBC ITV chanenls when they move to 2E “mid 2013”

  19. Jose says:

    Satandpcguy: Regarding measurements, I only wrote what’s written on the
    dish box, and yes, it says 1,35 mts, bought in Spain a few years ago. I am not a technician myself, so I am sure you are totally right in your comments, no doubt about it…..and yes, in Spain lots of things work that way, they always try to impress the client.
    There is a “reception map” being drawn with dish sizes from the 4th of December 2012, when the changeover took place, up until now, and I think it is very interesting.

  20. pedro says:

    Dave: I think that with that dish you shouln’t have lost itv’s bbc’s and 4’s yet (except 4seven and Five’s) as all these channels are temporarily on the 1n satellite which has a strong signal throughout Europe (I can receive it perfectly with a relatively small dish). Of course, this is only until next year.
    If I were you, I would check the installation.

  21. Julie says:

    satandpcguy: Haven’t had chance to check friends dish size as they’re away for Christmas so meanwhile I’m carrying out an experiment to see whether/when I get the “5” Channels. So far pretty much everything I’ve recorded between 10pm & 5am UK Time (11pm to 6am Spain time) works and has no or little pixellation – 5USA and 5USA +1 are best. So all OK as long as the programmes I want to watch/record are on after 10pm! If it was an LNB problem, wouldn’t this affect all channels/times and not just the “5’s” at certain times. As always your advice is much appreciated. Thanks

  22. Julie says:

    PS – meant also to say to Pedro Dave and others – try – you can get the “5” Channels and loads of others for free via your PC – not as easy to watch as on the TV but better than nothing and presumably unaffected by the weather! I think you can also record programmes but I haven’t tried that yet.

  23. Dave says:

    thanks sat&pcguy,pedro,julie for your advice but everybody with this size dish has lost the channels i think it will be best to wait & see what happens there might be new frequencies available in the next few weeks,will a 1.9 dish work or will we wait untill they move the other channels,when is this going to happen.

    Thanks again


  24. Carsten says:

    I live 30 km from Munich, Germany and I lost Channel 5, 4HD, 5*,5US and 4seven.
    Really shitty! I checked the two transponders many times but they are empty.
    11.126 V SR 22.000 and 10.964 H SR 22.000 but no channels anymore. Does anybnody know if this 2F Satellite is on 28,2 ° 🙂 though???
    Thanks so much

  25. pedro says:

    Carsten: Of course it is on 28,2 and it will be in that position at least for the next 15 years . You just have a dish too small to receive this new satellite. I’ve seen a report from Ausburg, near from Munich, in which a 95 cm dish seems to be working, but there also some “nulls” like in the southwest of Spain and south of Portugal where even a 400cm dish doesn’t seem to be working.
    So if I were you, I’d wait to see what happens next year with the rest of the main channels.
    Here in Spain, at least in the southeast, I think I could receive this satellite with a bigger dish, maybe a 150cm dish? maybe a 180cm? I don’t care.
    The fact is that I’m so pissed off that I don’t think I’ll be watching any british channels in a very, very long time. (Let alone buy a bigger dish)LOL
    And I won’t be watching any program “made in Britain” either! (Boycott time guys!)

  26. Jose says:

    Update from Menorca, Spain:
    For some reason I seem to get a very weak signal from Channel 5 and the rest of them, 5 USA etc
    from about midday (ish), until 8pm. Pixelation is horrible and there is no sound whatsoever;after 8pm (ish), it all vanishes and I get the famous”NO SATELLITE SIGNAL”
    Now, this confirms a bigger dish would do the job here in Menorca, and of course, in all of the Balearic islands. By the way, I use a 1,25 mts offset dish and an INVACOM SNH-031 0,3 dB. UNIVERSAL.


  27. Carsten says:

    Pedro: thanks a lot for the post. Yep, Iam also pretty mad about this. I have a 130cm dish so maybe I have to play around with the direction of the lnb a bit and see if this helps. ???

  28. jan says:

    What a lot of really good info. from so many people. Still not sure if I should buy a new TV and DVD so that I can get a system that will allow me to watch UK TV whilst in Fuerteventura. Perhaps I should stick with my SMALL screen Thomson and NOISY dvd , carry on bringing out DVD’s, watch Spanish news which helps to get Brain going, as Espanol is poor! Or what to do. I have WI FI but not sure what costs would be to set up a connection, or even if it’s possible to do so.
    Totally confused and feeling old! ANY advice would be very welcome.
    Let’s hope the New Year brings us all some satisfactory results.

  29. pedro says:

    Well Jan, it’s not only good info. It’s really very interesting! Have you guys seen the map of Spain and the dish size needed to receive this 2F in differents parts of the country?
    Just take a look at the second map here and tell me what you think:

    Well, what do you think guys? Don’t you think it’s very interesting? I really do. Valencia seems to have wan the lottery here, where a normal dish of about 100cm or less can do the job. The recepccion seems to be much better than in Catalunya where it seems to be a “null” (Yes, I know, very strange!). On the contrary, the southwest of Spain and south of Portugal have been very unlucky, as they are in what I call “The dead zone” in which no matter the dish size you have, you won’t have any signal at all! (Certainly not a good place to live for a lot of you guys!)

    Well, I think I’m out of the dead zone but I’m not sure. I’d sure like to know (well, just simple curiosity!). I live on the northwest of Andalusia. According to the map I’m out of danger, but who knows for sure?

    Carsten: I think that your dish size (130cm) should be enough in your area), so I think you should check thing like the skew of the LNB, as you said, and other things like make sure that your dish is aligned properly and it’s not deformed! Sometimes that’s the problem why we have poor reception.

    By the way, Happy New Year!

  30. pedro says:

    Why was my last comment deleted?! (Well, at first it was awaiting moderation and now has disappeared). Why? Was it because it had a link? Or because I said something “wrong”? What am I supposed to say then? ” I hope you have a happy new year and lots of hugs, joy and kisses to you all???”

    Anyway, Carsten: I think it’s not the dish size your problem because a 130cm dish should be enough in your city. Check the skew of the LNB, as you said, and if you can make sure that the dish isn’t deformed and that it has a perfect alignment with the satellite.

  31. pedro says:

    I have an important question, guys. I’ve seen a test done with an oval dish 110x120cm from a nearby city. Well, 32 km west from here (aerial distance). The quality of the transponders on the 2F satellite are these: 35, 42, 37, 34 and 37%. Of course, I don’t know if the dish was properly aligned or if it was raining at the time of the test (I thin it was!) Anyway, I’d like to know what these number mean. What this guy should do in order to block the channels? What percentage of quality should they have? What did size should he use? Could I be in a “null” in my area? (Simple curiosity)

    Another question: I have a satellite receiver with just one scart connected to the TV. I also have a DVR with two scarts. What can I do to connect the DVR to the satellite receiver to be able to record programmes?

  32. satandpcguy says:

    Carsten: from reception reports fromt he Munich area that I have seen, a 1m dish gets 2F fine just north west of Munich, and a 1.5 does not get a reliable signal south east (Rosenheim) of Munich…So from that it looks like your dish in Munich is right on the border of good decent stable signal.

  33. satandpcguy says:

    Satellite receiver scarted to AV2 scart on the DVDR, with AV1 Scart on the DVDR going to the TV. So everything on the satellite receiver goes through the DVDR on its way to the TV. To record satellite on the DVDR select AV2 scart input

  34. pedro says:

    Thank you satandpcguy for you answer.

  35. Julie says:

    Jan (and everyone) – if you have wi-fi try – you can get the “5″ Channels and loads of others (UK and other countries) for FREE via your PC – not as easy to watch as on the TV but better than nothing and presumably unaffected by the weather! I think you can also record programmes but I haven’t tried that yet. I guess also that if you get the right cable you could link your laptop/PC to your TV and watch it on your TV screen

  36. Julie says:

    Update on the Channel “5” reception here in north Mallorca – its been much better over Christmas and we’ve even been able to watch it during the day! Must be a present from Santa! Almost everything recorded after 11pm has been perfect. Anyone know why time of day should make a difference?

  37. pedro says:

    Julie: I’m happy for you Julie but Santa hasn’t come here at all. (It seems that this year I’ve been a bad guy). I don’t have any signal of the 2F, I suppose it’s because my dish is too small?, or maybe because I’ve been unlucky and I live in the “Dead Zone”? I really don’t know.

    Update to Dave: I’ve read that you need a 190cm dish to be able to receive the Astra 1N in the Canary Islans (I was wrong because I told you that you should be able to receive it with a 150 cm dish, but then I don’t understand how you could loose the channels. Did you have them before?).
    Anyway, remember that (OF COURSE) this is only a temporary position because next year this satellite will be on 19.2º and you’ll loose BBC’s, ITV’s and 4’s like (sadly) me.

  38. pedro says:

    By the way, reading my comments I said I live in the northwest of Andalusia. I meant to say in the northeast.

  39. Tim Pilbeam says:

    Many thanks to all the Infos that have been posted here. We live in northern Germany near Hannover and have a 90 cm dish with a connection to an old sky box upstairs and the main box is a Humax Foxsat HD downstairs. We have lost all the Channel 5 stations plus 4 HD since about a week or two. Oddly enough only in the evening. We receive them perfectly in the morning and the afternoon. Also the Foxsat receives a very unwatchable pixely picture in the evening and the SKY box only a blue picture with a technical fault message. The boxes work through the same 90 cm dish and a double LNB. Has anybody any idea as to why this sometimes good and sometimes no reception of the Channel 5 group happens?
    What I seem to understand is that the Channel 5 group has moved to 2F and BBC will move to 2 E. Pardon my maybe dumb question: Can both be received with one dish as before or are there going to be 2 different frequencies then? Thanks for any answers.

  40. satandpcguy says:

    Tim: “Has anybody any idea as to why this sometimes good and sometimes no reception of the Channel 5 group happens?”

    Simply your dish is too small to receive the signals.
    Signals tdo vary during the day as the satellite do not stay in a perfect 100% geosync orbit to the earth, and there is a small “wobble”, and so the beam / footprint can shift a bit..meaning reception can change during the day.

    “Can both be received with one dish as before”

    2E and 2F will be able to be received on the same dish.
    Just like your dish is currently receiving all the uk tv satellites 1n, 2a, 2b, 2f and Eutelsat 28a all at once.
    The new satellites, 2e, 2f and 2g, will all be located in the same location – 28.2 – 28.5 east, as the current satellites.

    “or are there going to be 2 different frequencies then?”
    There are currently over 100 frequencies carrying all the channels across all the satellites. BBC Channels are currently on about 6 or 7 frequencies, on 1n and 2f, and C5 is on one frequency on 2F. So they will be on more than 2 frequencies!

  41. satandpcguy says:

    Julie: re Filmon
    In the last day or so, in the US, a judge has apparently said that Filmon can no longer handle US content without permisson of the US channels.

    “A federal Californian judge has approved a preliminary injunction against online TV website Filmon. This temporarily stops the service from retransmitting television content from a group of broadcasters who have instigated the action. The ruling followed an earlier decision in which the judge said he would grant the injunction after finding that FilmOn could be infringing on the broadcasters’ copyrighted material and causing irreparable harm to their businesses.” –

    Now if that is the case, then expect the UK broadcasters to try and follow suit, and try and stop filmon from streaming their content without permission.

  42. Julie says:

    satandpcguy: Thanks for the info re, as you say no doubt the UK and others will follow suit so this “TV” watching option could be shortlived. It seems at the moment here in North Mallorca we are luckier than some as we can still receive all the channels. I’ll wait and see what happens when the other channels move and keep my fingers crossed that a bigger dish will solve any problems. Anyway, it won’t be the end of the world if we can’t get them as the benefits of living on this lovely island are worth giving up UK TV for! Re the other channels moving to 2e, where’s the best place to check to see when this is happening?

  43. satandpcguy says:

    Julie: “Re the other channels moving to 2e, where’s the best place to check to see when this is happening?”


    As soon as we know exact dates we shall post them on this blog!!

    But all we know at the moment is that 2E is scheduled for launch Q2 2013, with June the most likely, so the rest of the 1N channels move to 2E July or August 2013, based on the BBC saying “summer 2013”

  44. Jose says:

    Julie: Can you please tell me what type of dish and its measures have you got? I live “next door” from you, (in Menorca) and I only get a few hours of a very bad signal from Channel 5 and the rest of them, 5 USA, etc. Picture is so pixelled, it is impossible to watch and on top of that, no sound at all. It would help me very much to know your dish measures.
    As “satandpcguy” says, I will probably have to install a bigger dish next year, but for the moment, I can live without the channels gone on to the new satellite.
    I wish you ALL, a Happy New Year.

  45. pedro says:

    Jose: I’ve seen six information reports from Menorca, all the reception reports are negative meaning “no or unstable reception”. These tests were done with 110cm, 120cm and 130cm dishes. But at least you have some signal and you can be sure that a bigger dish will resolve your problems. Here in Andalusia is different. In Malaga for example, no matter the dish size you have, even if it is a 600cm dish, you won’t be able to watch anything. I’ve seen that in Murcia people can receive the 2F quite well with a relatively small dish (135cm) and in the next province (Jaén) there’s I think there’s no signal whatsoever. I only can say a word: unbelievable.
    By the way, are these reports 100% confirmed and verified? I think some silly people could make them up.
    Happy New Year everyone.

  46. pedro says:

    Clarification: I think that most people are honest and tell the truth. It’s just one report that has raised my suspicions. A report that (of course) I’m not going to tell which one of them because I also could be wrong.

  47. pedro says:

    Oh well, I think I’m not commiting a crime and It’s not right leaving (some of you, others will not be interested at all) wanting more. I was talking about a report from Seixal (Portugal). If this person can receive all channels with a 2.3m I’m happy for him. As some of you know there’s an invisible line that cross Iberia. To the south of the line reception is nearly if not impossible. To the north it is perfectly possible. Where am I? To the south? or to the north of the line? That’s the million dollar question I hope to know someday.