Loss of Channel 5 in Sourthern Spain and Portugal – why so surprised? Did your installer not say anything about this happening?

Judging by the number of comments on


about the recent move of some channels from Astra1N to Astra 2F, and the resulting loss of some channels in southern areas of Spain and in Portugal, it appears that this change has taken many by surprise.

I have received many emails and phone calls from people in areas around the Costa del Sol, Malaga, Marbella and south Portugal, who have now lost a few UK TV channels on their satellite systems.

Before the change they had perfect reception of channels like Channel 5. Now, with the move of these channels on the new UK beam of Astra 2F, reception has gone altogether.

This was not really unexpected.

Well, to these that knew.

These changes to the UK TV satellites and potential loss of reception in some areas of Europe have been known for over a year or so.

But in some of the conversations I have had, it appears that people have had satellite dishes installed as recently as a week ago, with their installer mentioning NOTHING about the potential loss of their channels, or, since Tuesday, actual loss of channels. And, coincidently or not, that installer is not answering his phone in the last few days!

There are instances of “installers” in these areas offering to install larger dishes now that will “continue to receive all your UK TV channels” and systems which “offer a perfect signal 24 Hours a day”. This implies these installers know what reception will be like of the new satellites when they are launched and operational.

Maybe I will ask them for next week’s lottery numbers if they are that confident of future reception on the dishes they are installing today…..

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