This week ITV launched another rebrand of their channels.

It included a “logo” change.

This new style of logo was implimented across ITVs whole portfolio of channels.

It also meant the removal of the ITV regional “labels”.

Gone are the “ITV1 London” and “ITV1 Granada” regional identifications.

Now the channel is simply “ITV”.

Which causes a problem if you are wanting to watch regional news on a specific ITV region. As now, when you search for a specific ITV region, you simply have to “hit and hope” that you select the correct “ITV” channel, as one one frequency there can be a number of different “ITV” regional variations. Only when local news and weather starts will you be able to determine which region you have selected!




2 Responses to “ITV Rebrand – and loss of Regional identifications”

  1. Dave says:

    Hi guys we have just lost sky sports news & various other channels in hd does any body know if you get sky sports news & sp3 on any other frequencies,i live in Fuerteventura,thanks folr your help if any

  2. Jon says:

    Dave: See: