In the last few weeks, BBC has launched some more regional variations for BBC1HD.

So on satellite you now have BBC1 HD England, BBC 1 HD Wales, BBC 1 HD Northern Ireland, and BBC 1 HD Scotland.

Which version you will receive on your Sky HD digibox on Sky channels 143 will depend on the address for your Sky card. You cannot “manually” add another region, as the Sky box does not allow you to input the required frequency settings.

Which version you will receive on your Freesat HD digibox on Freesat channel 108 will depend on which postcode you have input into your Freesat box during set up.

It does seem strange that they have launched these regions for BBC1HD, ahead of HD launches for BBC2, BBC3 and BBC4. Apart from the odd news and sports programme, the programmes on these channels are the same as the BBC England region.

And when the BBC HD channel is to close and replaced with BBC 2 HD, supposedly later this year, where will the BBC show its 3D content. The BBC have used the BBC HD channel for its 3D content. OK there is not much of it around, but they usually have the Wimbledon tennis finals in 3D, and it has been reported that the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who will also include some 3D programming. But where will it go? Will they simply shunt BBC2 programming off BBC2HD and replace it with BBC 3D programming when needs be?

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