Back in November 2012, Sky launched NOW TV, which was designed to allow access to Sky channels to smart phones and tablet users.

Now TV means you don’t actually need to subscribe to Sky’s Satellite TV service.

Instead you access content on a “pay per view” basis.

In recent weeks, Sky has launched its six Sky Sports channels available on NOW TV. For £9.99 a day, you can view all six Sky Sports channels for 24 hours.

It may be a bit steep in price to have access to 6 channels for £10 a day, but may be worthwhile for the “casual viewer” who does not want to shell out for the whole Sky TV package each month.

2 Responses to “Sky Sports now on NOW TV”

  1. Laura de la Iglesia says:

    H dont havean internet line in my apartment and have tryed vodafones dongel which I found very poor so have cancelled it and am looking for some other way to have my own internet line in the apartment. Please give me more information. Preferaly in English. Thankyou

  2. Jon says:

    Laura : You have some other wireless options like Wimax or 3G or 4G. And you have satellite internet – for example from Tooway. It all depends where you are.