As mentioned in a previous post ( ) BT Sports channels have appeared on the Sky Channel Guide.

And BT have said that BT Sports 1 and BT Sports 2 will be available for free to people who are BT Broadband customers.

Otherwise, if you are not a BT Broadband customer, you will have to pay for the channels.

A bit of a fight in the battle to try and regain some of their Broadband customers that hey have lost to Sky and Sky’s Triple Play offer of phones, broadband and TV.

But will the lure of 38 of the “big” Premier League football matches, which BT have spent £738m over three years, make a dent in Skys domination of Pay TV?

Or will the lure of other sports help BT Sports?

BT Sports have also secured the rights to Moto GP, the motorbike racing series which is very popular on its current home of BBC TV. And many MotoGP and motor sports fans are up in arms about yet another popular motor sport going to Pay TV, with live coverage of all Formula One races in its second season on Sky Sports F1.

Can BT compete with the more established Pay TV rival that is BSkyB? Will it find it can build up a profitable client base based purely on exclusive sports? Will it have to offer more?

Time will tell.


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