In the last few days a new “channel” has appeared to be testing on frequency 11023 H, 23000, FEC 2/3 frequency on the Astra 2F satellite at 28.2.

This is a BBC frequency, which is also carrying BBC1 Wales HD and BBC 1 HD Scotland

This new channels has been carrying programming from BBC 2 HD, however the programme guide data is showing information for the BBC Red Button channel on Freeview.

So does this mean that the BBC will be starting a BBC Red Button HD service soon?


This may also be the solution as to where the BBC transmits its 3D content. Previously the BBC 3D content was shown on the BBC HD channel, which earlier this year became the BBC2HD channel. We may not have long to wait, as the BBC usually show some of the Wimbledon tennis championships in 3D. And later in the year, there is the much anticipated 3D Doctor Who 50th Anniversary programme. So this new “channel” may help understand where that 3D content will be shown, rather than showing HD content on BBC1HD and the same content but in 3D on BBC2HD.

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