Some users of SkyHD and Sky+HD digiboxes may have recently seen the above message on their TV screens.

This is because in the last few months there have been some updates to the security Sky use, and they require some information from your Sky Digibox.

This information was generated by the digibox, and if your sky box is not connected to a UK phoneline, the digibox has not passed this information to Sky.


So if you see the message, you will simply need to supply Sky with the information via the website on the screen –

Please note that Sky users outside the UK may risk telling Sky that their digibox is outside the UK via the non UK IP address they use to access the site. It may be possible to use a VPN service that provides a UK IP Address, or you have to contact your Sky card dealer, who will supply the details to Sky on your behalf).

Rumour has it that this new security from Sky produces a unique Receiver ID for each digibox, and that the Sky viewing card is now “paired” more securely to the Sky digibox, meaning that, if the sky card is used in another Sky box, or a “Non sky box”, then some channels, such as Sky Sports Sky Movies, and Sky HD channels, may no longer be available like they used to.




23 Responses to “Some Sky boxes getting a “We need to update your service” message on screen”

  1. paul bowen says:

    How annoying is this,I’m trying to see if I can get another provider, don’t need this an d paying £70.00 per month

  2. James Barker says:

    Having repeated messages on our TV screen ( every 1 to two minutes ) that last for a few hours. This is most annoying and spoiling viewng.If ths does’nt stop PDQ i will be looking for another provider.

  3. satandpcguy says:

    As mentioned in the post, to get rid of the message, you need to input the receiver details into the Sky webpage. Until you do, you will continue to get the message. And if you have input them into the webpage, and are still getting the messages, simply call Sky, give them the details directly.

  4. denis oates says:

    I called sky to give them my serial numbers etc and within 5 minutes I started to get the wrong card error messages. Seems to me if I had not called them to give them my numbers I would be quite happily watching what I want to watch rather than speaking to sky on the chat link trying to sort out what they have done to my sky system !

  5. sanj says:

    sky is asking for my serial number where do I find that
    Please help

  6. KeithDickinson says:

    Ok how do I give info and agree with others why put on screen we need update your service when we are unable to do so ???



  7. satandpcguy says:

    The details that Sky require are on the System Details screen.
    Right to settings
    Down to the middle menu
    Right to Details

    KeithDickinson: You have two ways to give them the details – via the website, or phone them up. (or if you are outside the UK via your card agent!)

    Sky may not have correct / up to date addresses – so they put it on the screen as that is the best way to contact ALL their clients

  8. Margaret Markie says:

    What information do you need

  9. satandpcguy says:

    Margaret Markie : The details from the system details screen, including version number, serial number, receiver id and card number.

  10. Karen says:

    How do I find the systems details screen? Also agre that putting this message on the screen is annoying.

  11. satandpcguy says:

    Karen: As per the post a few above this, details can be access by:
    Right to settings
    Down to the middle menu
    Right to Details

    It may be annoying, but it forces you to give Sky the details they need. IF they simply send a letter, people would ignore it and do nothing. This way they can make sure their clients do provide them with the details they require.

  12. ted worth says:

    I have tried to give this information but when I enter the receiver ID which is nine charactors long it comes up as an error saying it should be nine characters long. So if I phone shy on a land line will it cost me? and i thought you could cain this information from accessing my box over the land line?

  13. John Kennedy says:

    Am happy with my sky + box

  14. satandpcguy says:

    ted worth: try and input the receiver ID without any spaces. If you input the space each space is taking a character space. Yes a call to Sky may cost you – maybe you can find an alternate number on “”. Not everyone has their box connected to the phone line.

  15. Janet Smith says:

    I bought a card from sky to watch my small tv in the kitchen, now sky are telling me I have to pay another fee for a new card, do you think that’s right..

  16. valerie smith says:

    what is all this about. I am completely at a loss to know what on earth this is, i have no idea what to do. you don;t make it simple

  17. satandpcguy says:

    Valerie: It is to do with Sky wanting their customers to confirm some sky box and card details for them…to make sure the cards are being used in the correct boxes.

    Go to and it tells you what to do!
    On your Sky remote go to :
    Right to settings
    Down to the middle menu
    Right to Details
    and put those details into the website.
    Then the message will / should disappear.

  18. satandpcguy says:

    Janet: without knowing what your circumstances are it is difficult to say.

    The only Sky card you buy from sky is a “free to view” card, that only allows access to a handful of channels…like 5HD, Sony Movies, Motors TV.

    You do not need a card to watch the “free to air” channels like BBC ITV C4 or Fives.

    You don’t buy subscription cards.

    But if you want to watch Sky TV in another location, in addition to the main card, then you go for a multiroom card, that for an extra £10 per month, mirrors the main card.

  19. Alan Davies says:

    I have a h d box also broadband my digibox is connected to my phone line my pin is 3924 hope this helps you

  20. satandpcguy says:

    Alan Davies : if you are getting the message, YOU need to contact Sky and give them the details – either via the website mentioned, or by phoning them.

    They do not need your Sky Pin number – only the details mentioned in earlier posts. Not too sure why you have posted it here ?

  21. Alan Davies says:

    message still coming up on my screen i have sent details please respond i need you to remove message as it disrupts my viewing thank you

  22. Alan Davies says:

    i have got hd box and broadband full package hope these details help thank you

  23. satandpcguy says:

    Alan Davies : if you are getting the message, YOU need to contact Sky and give them the details – either via the website mentioned, or by phoning them.

    If you have input the details into the website, and are still getting the on screen messages, then you will need to phone Sky, and give the details to an operator.

    This website / blog is not owned or operated by Sky, and so it cannot remove the message from Sky for you. It can pointing you in the right direction – which is to contact Sky and speak to them!