This week Astra 2E, the second of three new Astra satellites designed for UK satellite TV, started its journey from its test location to the UK TV satellite orbital slot.

The move from the test location at 43 degrees east, to the UK TV slot at 28 east, started mid week, and it is slowly moving, at a rate of about 0.75 degrees a day.

So it will be a few more days before it is in the correct orbital slot.

It is expected that after a few more tests, channels from the temporary Astra 1N satellite will start to be migrated over to Astra 2E.

These channels include BBC ITV Channel 4 and some Sky pay channels.

Viewers in the UK should notice no changes to their UK TV reception.

However, viewers in Europe, particularly the southern areas like South Spain, Portugal, South Italy, may notices changes in reception. This may simply mean that their current satellite dishes are too small to receive the new Astra 2E signals, and so a larger satellite dish may be required.

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