Sky UK has over the last few weeks started to implement more anti piracy measures to its premium subscription services.

Over the past few years, Sky and all pay TV providers, have been losing revenue to people using Card sharing services and servers. These offer the full Sky package at a much cheaper rate than an official subscription.

By using certain satellite receivers, like Skybox F5, Iberosat and Ferguson Ariva, and connecting them to the internet, you can receive Sky pay channels for a lot less month than a official subscription.

Some providers of these systems do not tell their clients that the systems are illegal, and the services cannot be guaranteed.

Which has now started to be happen.

Around 10 Sky HD pay channels have had their encryption settings improved. This has meant the channels are no longer bale to be “unlocked” by cardsharing services.

The current list of Sky HD channels no longer available on cardshare systems is:
Sky Atlantic HD
Sky Arts 1 HD
Sky Arts 2 HD
Sky Living HD
CI Crime HD
NatGeoWild HD
History HD
Nat Geo HD

Although there are only a handful of channels affected today, you can bet that all Sky HD channels will be moved to the new encryption in the next few weeks. Perhaps all premium Sky channels, like Sky Sports and Sky Movies will also change.

Of course, the broadcasters are always playing catch up, and it may only be a matter of time before the cardshare networks manage to crack and hack the new encryption. How long it will take no-one really knows. Some Sky Italia channels who have been on the new encryption for over a year are still unavailable on cardsharing systems.

The only official and correct way to receive Sky pay channels via satellite is with a Sky subscription.

Sky TV packages start from £21/0 per month, and you get a FREE Sky+HD box.

4 Responses to “Sky UK implements more anti piracy measures”

  1. sky digital customer services says:

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  2. Law says:

    It is not illegal for the public to receive encrypted broadcasts decrypted by a 3rd party per EU rules. The person who has the card sharing equipment is the person who will get into trouble..

  3. Sky customer services in the UK says:

    Good luck with that Sky! You can only do so much with anti piracy. You can’t stop the sharing of content and technology.

  4. Aaron sweeney says:

    Never even new about this and I’m a sky subscribers but as for new encryption and HD against the world of hackers is literally funny.I think sky’s wasting money as long as there’s sky and hackers there’s nothing and I’m a programmer some1 will always crack it.