Further to our previous post http://www.uksatellitehelp.co.uk/2014/05/10/sky-uk-implments-more-anti-piracy-measures/ , Sky continue to roll out new antipiracy measures to its HD channels.

Over the last few weeks many Sky HD channels have had new antipiracy measures applied to them, effectively removing them from the card sharing services.

Most of the HD versions of Sky Movies and Sky Sports have has these changes implemented.

According to reports it is down to new HD coding methods.

However, can Sky implement these changes to the SD channels also, and remove the SD versions of Sky Movies and Sky Sports from cardshare systems?
I do not think that they can implement these changes to non HD Sky boxes. So will the SD versions of Sky channels remain, or will they soon insist on all their paying customers MUST have a new sky HD box?

The only official and correct way to receive Sky pay channels via satellite is with a Sky subscription.

Sky TV packages start from £21/0 per month, and you get a FREE Sky+HD box.

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