It looks like Channel Fives new owners will soon be start rebranding and making some changes in the near future.
Already we have seen some sharing of programming between Viacom’s channels, like the MTV awards being shown on Five, and Big Brother being shown on MTV.
And Big Brother has recently had its contract extended for another few years as they try to secure popular programming.

It now looks as if another of Viacoms channels may soon be coming to the UK.
Spike TV.
Details are sketchy at the moment, this may simply be a rebrand of an existing channel, like Channel Five USA?
But it already looks as if the channel will be available subscription free…but no news if it will be available in HD, or subscription free in HD.
It may also increase expectation that Channel Five HD, currently only available with a SKy HD subscription, may also be made subscription free soon.

2 Responses to “Spike TV – is a new channel coming soon”

  1. Tomcat says:

    Well it’s launch day, and so far Spike has not appeared on Freeview or Sky. No statement has been issued on the official Spike Facebook page to explain the failure despite growing numbers of disgruntled potential viewers asking for clarification. No other official statements have been spotted on other social media platforms yet.

  2. Jon says:

    Tomcat, Spike UK launches at 8pm tonight, which has been publicised everywhere,. …which is why you cannot find it at the moment.