Astra 2G, the third and final new UK TV satellite for the 28 east slot, is finally on its way from its test location.

At its current speed, it will be at 28 east from Mid June.

When at 28 east, It is expected to take over the transmission of channels from the aging, and failing, Eutelsat 28 A satellite.

The transfer of channels between the two satellites will happen overnight, so as not to affect viewing at peak times.
Viewers in the UK should not notice any real changes in reception.
Viewers outside the UK may see some changes. Some areas may well lose access to certain channels, when they move to their new satellite. Some areas may see an improvement of signals from the new satellite.
But nothing can be said for sure until the Astra 2G satellite is in location and transmitting. Only then will true reception and the winners and losers around Europe be know.

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  1. james says:

    good see Astra 2G satellite like see more movies channel wot next