The final new UK TV satellite, Astra 2G has been operational since early June 2015.

Since it has been in operation, channels have been moved to 2G from the other two Astra satellites 2E and 2F. Presumably to help “balance” the load across the three satellites.

However, since the three satellites are not exactly 100% the same, some viewers in “fringe” reception areas, like Southern and Eastern Europe have noticed a drop in signal levels.

Channels have also been moved from the aging Eutelsat 28A satellites, Launched in2 001, there have been reports that it has been failing, and losing power. Under an agreement between Eutelsat and SES Astra, the channels will be moved to the new Astra satellites.

However, some channels that used to be on Eutelsat’s generous “European” beams, have actually moved to the UK “spot beam” on the Astra satellites. Whether this is temporary or permanent, no one really knows.

And today, the data stream that is used by the Freesat Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) was also moved from Eutelsat to a UK “spot beam”. This may cause problems for those people in areas that have difficulty in receiving the spot beam signals, as it may now mean their Freesat receivers may not work correctly.

2 Responses to “Astra 2G operational, and Eutelsat 28A cleared of channels.”

  1. John says:

    I am in south west france and receive the freesat epg but not the channels, any ideas

  2. Jon says:

    Freesat has over 150 TV channels, are you not receiving ANY of them at all?
    But you are still able to receive the full 7 /8 day programme guide?
    If so that is strange, as there are many Freesat channel on the European beam, which you should be able to receive easily.
    Have you tried rebooting your receiver?