Reports say that Channel Five is no longer carrying regional advertising.
Channel 5 used to split its TV coverage into five regions: London, South/Central England and Wales, Northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This allows advertisers to target specific regions,much like ITV and Channel Four do.
Channel Fives owner Viacom considers running different regional variations to be financially unviable.
As a result of this, you can expect to see the five regional versions of Channel Five currently available to be merged into just one version of Channel Five.

This has also allowed 105 on Sky HD digiboxes to be allocated to Five HD for Sky HD subscribers.
This would mean that there will be some spare satellite capacity on the Viacom transponder. It could be used to carry some more Viacom channels, or perhaps Channel 5 HD could be transferred from the Sky transponder.

This may mean a loss of Channel Five HD to parts of Europe. Some expat areas of Southern Europe have reduced reception of Channel Five now it is on the UK beam of the UK Astra satellites. Channel Five HD is currently on the European beam, and easier to receive than the UK beam. So a move to the UK beam would mean a total loss of Channel Five to extreme fringe reception areas.

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