There are growing rumours that a group of channel that are currently only available on Freeview and Sky subscription, will soon become available subscription free on satellite.

In the last few days, a number of channels operated by the UKTV Group, channel like Dave, GOLD, Alibi and Yesterday, have been moved to a new frequency.

Their previous frequency was on the European beam, which easily available across Western Europe. Rights issues were covered by the fact that these channels were encrypted and require a Sky subscription viewing card to watch them.

Their new frequency is on the UK “Spot beam”, which limits signal overspill into areas of Europe where these channels do not have the broadcast rights for. It also means that these channels can, like the BBC and ITV, become “free to air” and available without encryption and without a Sky viewing card.

Whilst there has been no official confirmation at the time of writing, Freesat EPG data has been spotted on the data streams, with some channels being allocated Freesat Channel numbers.

However, whilst the number of channels available on Freesat will increase, the down side is that some viewers in “fringe” reception areas, like the Costa del Sol, and Algarve, who can receive these channels on the European beam, will find it harder to receive these channel once they move to the Uk beam. A general rule of thumb will be that if you can receive BBC channels, then you should be able to receive these new channels when they move tot he UK beam.

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