As per our previous post, Freesat has now three new channels.
Freesat now has three “UKTV Group” of channels available.
Drama is now available on Freesat channel 162, Yesterday on Freesat channel 163 and Really is on Freesat channel 164.
These channels are still available on Sky receivers on their original channel numbers.

However, the “+1” and HD versions of these channels are still part of the Sky pay packages.
As are the other UKTV Group of channels, like Dave, Alibi and Watch.
One would assume that the three channels have moved to free to air due to low ratings, and so Sky would not be a interested in paying and keeping them as part of their Sky pay packages. Yet the channels like Dave and Watch, which have higher viewing figures, are more popular and bring in more subscribers so Sky would be more interested in paying and keeping them as part of their Sky Bundles packages.

As part of these channels becoming free to air, they have indeed moved to the UK beam of the Astra 2 satellites. Therefore viewers in some of the extreme fringe reception area, like the Costa el Sol and Portugal, may now have lost these channels. OF course if they have a Sky subscription, the HD and +1 versions should still be available to them, as they are on the easier to receive European beam… for now.

3 Responses to “Freesat gets three new channels”

  1. Hazel says:

    I live in Italy,(Tuscany), and indeed in the last week or so I have lost Dave, Alibi, Drama, Really and perhaps some others. As you pointed out (and what I finally worked for myself) I can watch the +1 versions of Dave and Alibi. But the others do not appear to have a +1 version – I would be very grateful if you have any suggestions – can my dish be adjusted? (its a 1.5m dish). Or is that it – have I just lost those channels now? thanks for posting this info. Hazel

  2. Jon says:

    Home, Gold, Eden, watch, Dave, Alibi, Yesterday, Good Food all have “+1” versions, so should still be available to you via your Sky guide. Otherwise, it is not a question of getting your dish realigned, it is a issue of getting a much larger dish…

  3. Hazel says:

    John – thanks for clarifying, thats a great help. Its a shame Drama doesn’t have a +1.