Recently Sky launched their new initiative and satellite receiver that they sid would change how you watch TV.
Basically, you have one main SkyQ unit, that connects to your satellite dish.
You can then view content from this main SkyQ box via “slave” units, using your home network.
The main SkyQ unit boasts 8 tuners, meaning you can watch multiple programmes in various locations at the same time.

However, the SkyQ unit will require a new LNB for your satellite dish.
And early indications are that this new LNB will not be compatible with Freesat (and other types of satellite) receivers.
Because the new SkyQ unit will be able to work with the new LNB using only two cables. And the tuners inside the SkyQ unit will be able to have both low and high band signals on the same cables, something which current LNB and Freesat and Sky receivers are not able to handle.
Also, no prices for equipment or subscriptions for this new SkyQ service have been announced by Sky yet. But you can expect it to be a bit of a hike as this will be a premium service. But then it will mean that you may no longer require the Sky multiroom subscription service.

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