Back in early 2014, it was announced by the BBC that as part of their cost cutting process, BBC Three would cease to be a channel.
BBC Three content would be available online only.
It is now know that the date for this BBC Three switchover is the 16th February 2016.
On the 16th February become more of a promotional channel letting people know about content that can be found online.
Several weeks later, and the channel on Freeview and digital satellite will cease broadcasting.

The closure is conditional that the channel’s long-form programmes will be shown on BBC One and Two. So we can expect about two to three hours of BBC Three programming being made available on line.
But there was a notable backlash with regard to the closure, with a ‘Save BBC Three’ campaign and a petition which gathered over 300,000 signatures.
Most people still seem to like to watch “live” TV on their TV, rather than if and when they can on the internet. And perhaps with the move to “online” only, people will not be able to find their favourite BBC Three content, so viewing numbers fall, so programmes are cancelled.
I wonder if they even considered ending the BBC Parliament channel. I bet its viewing figures are so low they hardly register, an it is aimed at a very few viewers, with news channels carrying live any good debates and speached anyway?

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