There have been growing rumours that Channel Five HD, currently behind the Sky pay wall, may be going free to air on satellite in the near future.
Nothing concrete, but the rumour mill has been working furiously on this one.
Late in 2015, Channel Five closed its regional advertising variations on satellite, and started to operate a single version of its channel.
In the free space on that UK beam transponder, up popped a test channel, in HD (it is currently encrypted, so you cannot access it!).
And that is when people started to suggest that C5HD could soon become free to air, and available on Freesat.

Moving the channel from the European beam to the UK beam, in theory restricts the overspill into other European countries, meaning the channel can operate free from encryption, just like channels from BBC ITV and Channel Four currently do.
It would be a huge bonus for Freesat if it could get C5HD.
However, as nothing has been confirmed, it could have another reason for moving.
It could be simply Channel Five moving its HD channel from a Sky operated transponder, to their own transponder, saving them money by not having to pay rental to Sky.
Time will tell.

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