In the last few weeks some people trying to watch ITV1HD on their Panasonic Freesat HD TV may have been experiencing what they may think is reception problems.

It appears that the problems started following changes the Forward Error Correction (FEC) on ITV1HD satellite transponders.

One reports suggest that this issue affects a range of Panasonic Freesat HD TVs including Panasonic TVs from their 2009 – 2012 range.

But no-one seems to be taking the blame with Freesat, ITV and Panasonic all seem content to blame one another.

Panasonic have appeared to say that the issue should be blamed on ITV for “using a non-standard set of broadcast parameters not in use at the time the units were manufactured”. However ITV claim that this issue is “isolated only to Panasonic Freesat devices”.

The Panasonic TV should have been manufactured to comply with the DVB-S/S2 specification with 8PSK modulation, which ITV1HD now transmits in, but it appears as that this was not done when the sets were designed.

As all other Freesat, Sky and other satellite receivers are operating correctly and suffering no ITV1HD issues this does seem to point the finger at an issue with these Panasonic TVs only.

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