Sky are to launch a new sports channel in the next few months.
Sky Sports Mix will be made available to all Sky subscribers.
This will allow customers who do not subscribe to their main Sports package to watch some of the Sky Sports content with no additional charge.
Sky Sports Mix will show a selection of live sports, including some Premier League football matches.

Obviously this is more like a promotional channel, showcasing what sports is on offer should customers subscribe to the full Sky Sports package.
And this new channels is also been seen as something as a sweetener.
Sky are set to announce their yearly price increases in March, which will become effective from the 1st June 2016.
With Sky spending a few billion quid on Premier League matches, obviously prices will rise, as they try to recover some of that cost.
By offering some sporting content to non Sports Package subscribers on a new sports channel, perhaps Sky think this may reduce cancellations when they £2 or £3 increase in subscription prices comes into effect.
Bearing in mind for 2015 Sky had revenues up 5% to £11.3 billion and operating profit up 18% to £1.4 billion, shame they cannot pass some of this onto lower subscriptions to their customers.

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