In September 2016, the BBC will stop supporting an old version of BBC iPlayer.

This will mean that a number of Freesat set top boxes, and some Smart TVs, will no longer be able to view content on iPlayer.

The old “V2” iPlayer has low bit rates, meaning low image quality on fast images (eg sporting events), compared to the newer iPlayer.

The models affected are those that do not currently support the “Freesat Freetime” roll back programme guide.

If the iPlayer home screen on your device looks like the image below, your device will stop working.

A full list of affected devices can be found on the BBC iPlayer Help Page here

The list includes the popular Humax Foxsat Freesat set top box.

For people with these affected Freesat set top boxes, who want to continue to use the BBC iPlayer, then you will need to upgrade to a newer Freesat set top box, when available.

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