Sky will have exclusive Formula 1 rights from 2019 until the deal ends in 2024, in a recently announced deal.

This includes live and highlights, but where as the live races will be shown on Sky Sports pay TV service, highlights will be shown on a free to air channel, either on one of Skys free to air channels like Pick, or on another channel altogether.

Only the British Grand Prix escapes the pay system, and will be shown on a free to air channel.

The deal ends the current setup, where the F1 rights are shared with Channel Four, which currently show 10 races live with highlights of all other races.

As part of the deal, starting from 2017, every F1 race will be shown in Ultra HD via Sky’s new premium service Sky Q.

This early deal can be seen as either an attempt by Sky to try and protect some of its sporting rights from BT Sports, or by F1 “Supremo” Bernie Ecclestone trying to make sure F1 has a reliable TV income stream – albeit at the loss of viewers, and exposure for sponsors.

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