So what does Brexit mean for UK TV?

We know that the EU has many Directives on TV and Media that affect UK TV.

For example, will the EU rules on mobile roaming tariffs, to be implemented in 2017, be applicable to UK mobile users? Perhaps commercial pressure will make the providers do this, or it may require law and Ofcom to intervene to bring things in line with EU rules.

Another issue is with the Single Market. Recently the EU suggested that digital services, like Netflix and BBC Iplayer, should be made available to people in other EU countries if they have paid for them in another EU country. This may not be a permanent solution, but will allow people how travel or holiday makers access certain digital services when around Europe. With the UK seemingly going out of the Single Market, then there is no need for say the BBC to make its “domestic” iPlayer available outside the UK. Users will have to use the commercial BBC Store to access certain programmes and content.

There are some Directives which affect UK TV channels, for example the one that limits the number of minutes of adverts per hour (or day). It could simply be easier for Ofcom to follow the EU rules as they see fit.

It may also affected UK programme makers who make programmes around Europe, using European locations, cast and crew.

And some movies, such as The Kings Speech, may not have been made without the aid of money from the EU media area.

It may also affect how Sky integrate their UK, German and Italian operations. Already they are trying to share resources to help cut costs (see their F1 coverage as an example).

A lot of ifs and buts, but I think TV and media is the least of people worries in relation to the recent events in the UK.

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