11 Guys You Forgot Taylor Swift Dated. YA HEAR THAT, TAY AND DRIZ?

I have irrationally mad each and every time We see any such thing about Drake and Taylor SwiftР’ dating, and I also will will not think it really is true before the time We die.

But that does not suggest i will not accept some breakup that is good-ass.

Taylor Swift is fresh off aР’ breakupР’ with Tom Hiddleston, but we never ever thought the next man she will make headlines with will be Drizzy.


While Taylor and Tom’s relationship was at the eye that is public some time now, we often just forget about her life pre-Tom.

Taylor Swift possesses long selection of ex-lovers, therefore let us just simply take a vacation down memory lane and commemorate a number of her overlooked relationships.

1. Joe Jonas

It is usually funny when a healthy couple breaks up in a way that is petty. Р’ I happened to be this kind of big fan of Taylor Swift’sР’ until this video calling outР’ Joe Jonas for splitting up along with her came to exist.

The very best part of the is just just how aggravated she is at Joe for splitting up along with her on the phone, then she did precisely the same exact thing to Calvin Harris. LOL, classic.

2. Taylor Lautner

TaySquared: just just How could we forget them? They came across from the pair of “Valentine’s Day” straight back during 2009. It really is rumored her track “Back to December” had been also about him.

3. Cory Monteith

Taylor Swift and Cory Monteith had been never verified become a couple of, but Ellen did ask Taylor in a job interview she was looking mighty suspicious if they were dating, and.

Whenever Monteith passed on, Swift tweeted “Speechless. And also for the worst explanation.” Sleep in Paradise, # 5.

4. Lucas Till

This “Hannah Montana: The Movie” starР’ seemed just like a match that is really good Taylor.

Everybody was rooting for them, specially because it could have been such a lovely, music-video-turned-real-life happy ending.

Lucas Till said these were best off as friends, though. Sigh.

5. John Mayer

This dramatic breakup occurred 90 days afterР’ John Mayer and Taylor Swift began their relationship.

It is rumored this relationship is really what began theР’

between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. We positively did get some good great tracks out with this one, however.

6. Jake Gyllenhaal

Taylor published “All Too Well” about her relationship with star Jake Gyllenhaal.

The 2 had been seen down together on multiple occasions, butР’ individuals most likely just forget about them because their relationship just lasted a couple of months. It is stated he split up together with her for their age huge difference.

8. Chord Overstreet

When they really dated, Chord Overstreet might have been the next “Glee” celebrity Swift got her hands on.

These were seen having dinner and likely to A los angeles Kings game together, but he denied there is one thing among them. But, hey, it really is difficult to trust anybody these times — particularly when it comes down to TayTay.

9. Garrett Hedlund


Garrett Hedlund and Taylor Swift had a dinner date in Nashville after carefully exchanging email messages (

), but imagine things did not work away simply because they had been never ever seen together later.

10. Harry Styles

okay, nobody really forgets this ever occurred. But Harry Styles will forever be considered a legend for tossing color right back at Taylor Swift with your words towards the One Direction track “Perfect,”

And we go out, Oh, yeah And if you’re looking for someone to write your break-up songs about Baby, I’m perfect if you like cameras flashing every time

Harry can reject all of it he wishes, but it is pretty obvious whom those words are about.

11. Connor Kennedy

Taylor Swift had been nearly a certified cougar (kidding) for dating this 18-year-old fresh away from senior school. She also purchased a homely home beside the Kennedy substance as they had been dating.

I’m not sure exactly just how or why, but this relationship absolutely blew up significantly more than the others. Individuals actually liked them together, also their family members.

Being a serial dater myself, i am not at all bashing the lady for dating large amount of dudes.

She actually is beautiful and young, and anyone that is into the relationship game now understands precisely how difficult it really is.

All i’m sayin’ is when she keeps dating performers, she is perhaps maybe not going to function as the only 1 who’s performing about the partnership.

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