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Sky Sports Mix is a new Sky Sports channel available to all Sky subscribers.

Sky Sports Mix will be a “taster” channel showcasing some live sport from Sky Sports, including some live F1 races, and some live Premier League matches.

Sky Sports Mix will be available to all Sky subscribers, not just those with Sky Sports

So what does Brexit mean for UK TV?

We know that the EU has many Directives on TV and Media that affect UK TV.

For example, will the EU rules on mobile roaming tariffs, to be implemented in 2017, be applicable to UK mobile users? Perhaps commercial pressure will make the providers do this, or it may require law and Ofcom to intervene to bring things in line with EU rules.

Another issue is with the Single Market. Recently the EU suggested that digital services, like Netflix and BBC Iplayer, should be made available to people in other EU countries if they have paid for them in another EU country. This may not be a permanent solution, but will allow people how travel or holiday makers access certain digital services when around Europe. With the UK seemingly going out of the Single Market, then there is no need for say the BBC to make its “domestic” iPlayer available outside the UK. Users will have to use the commercial BBC Store to access certain programmes and content.

Whilst many people are watching the Euro 2016 football competition direct from the broadcasters (via terrestrial, satellite or web player), some are watching via a third party internet stream.

One of the more popular ones being used, particularly by expats in fringe satellite reception areas, is called filmon. It streams the main UK TV channels (and a few others)…

Now picture quality can vary, and when the football has been on, their streaming has been suffering a lot of buffering.

But in the past few days, filmon are now only showing a “test card” during the Euro 2016 football matches, referring to “black out restrictions”.


During early June 2016, Freesat is having a reshuffle of some of its channels.

(Note that it is now Freesat and no longer freesat – due to a name change!)

The channel number changes on Freesat are to fill the gaps left by the BBC’s reorganisation of channels following the closure of BBC Three.

•ITV HD* moves from 119 to 111 (01/06)
•ITVBe+1 moves from 158 to 119 (01/06)
•7th June: •S4C HD launches on channel 104 in Wales, 120 elsewhere, replacing SD on HD boxes
•Pick+1 moves from 159 to 145
•Challenge moves from 145 to 146
•Challenge+1 moves from 146 to 147
•Food Network moves from 149 to 148
•Food Network+1 moves from 151 to 149
•Travel Channel+1 moves from 152 to 151
•True Crime+1 moves from 156 to 152
•PBS America moves from 160 to 156
•Your TV moves from 161 to 157
•Drama moves from 162 to 158
•Yesterday moves from 163 to 159
•Really moves from 164 to 160

During July 32016, Sky Sports 1 will become “Sky Sports The Open”, with live coverage of the Open Golf Championship event from Royal Troon.

In addition, Sky Sports will also be revising its Sports channel number.

A year or so ago, they took the bizarre option to change Sky Sports 1 from channel 401 and move it to 402. Meaning Sky Sports 2 moved from 402 to 403.

All this was because they wanted to place Sky Sports News HQ on 401.

Viewers and fans hated the move.

So in July 2016 , Sky is set to undo this unpopular decision.

Sky Sports News HQ moves to channel 406, allowing Sky Sports 1 – 5 to move back to channels 401-405. Sky Sports F1 will be on 407.

The BBC Red Button streams are set to return this summer.
Normally the BCB only runs a single “Red Button” channels on satellite TV.
However, as is now becoming the norm, they are expanding this service with a few more Red Button channels, including one in HD.
This is to help show greater coverage of sports and events during the summer months, including Euro 2016, Wimbledon, Olympics and Galstonbury.

Sky will have exclusive Formula 1 rights from 2019 until the deal ends in 2024, in a recently announced deal.

This includes live and highlights, but where as the live races will be shown on Sky Sports pay TV service, highlights will be shown on a free to air channel, either on one of Skys free to air channels like Pick, or on another channel altogether.

Only the British Grand Prix escapes the pay system, and will be shown on a free to air channel.


A new channel, True Crime has gone live on Freeview, Sky and Freesat today.

This new channel, owned by Sony, has meant some channel number changes and replacements.

On Sky and Freesat, True Crime and True Crime+1 have replaced More>Movies and More>Movies+1 on both services.


In September 2016, the BBC will stop supporting an old version of BBC iPlayer.

This will mean that a number of Freesat set top boxes, and some Smart TVs, will no longer be able to view content on iPlayer.

The old “V2” iPlayer has low bit rates, meaning low image quality on fast images (eg sporting events), compared to the newer iPlayer.

The models affected are those that do not currently support the “Freesat Freetime” roll back programme guide.


With the closure of BBC Three, the BBC have made a few channel number changes, affecting Sky and Freesat users.

The channel number changes took place during the course of Thursday 31st March.

The changes mainly affect BBC One HD,BBC Four and BBC Alba